After taking care of all the regular real world stuff, the rest of this past weekend was spent trying to stay comfortable and cool.   I had an absolute festival of EQ goodness in the process (as always).

There were a couple of shard runs through Anathema, Crucible, Scion of Ice, Deep Forge and Evernight Abbey.  

Even more exciting though, I attended a few pick up raids as part of a guild alliance on Kilanna and really really enjoyed myself.   Pax Fatalis has been informally allied with The Kings Guild for a long while, but I understand that recently our guild leaders have actually formalised the relationship.

Saturday saw us hit Protectors Realm.  Nothing there really for Kilanna, but a lot of fun to hang out with everyone.   It was so VERY exciting because a couple of nice things dropped for Arisha and Topo!!!!  

Arisha had been hoping for the Honourbound Vambraces to drop for a VERY long time.  They dropped and he won the roll,  so finally his Pally girl has the new pretty he hoped for *cheers*.   And just as exciting, Imzok dropped a very sweet master chest which contained the very very rare Master for Dispatched.   Although Topo (Brigand) was unable to actually be there, raid leader very very kindly kept it for him and presented it to him on Sunday!!!   I know it is just pixilated loot in a virtual world, but such kind gestures do indeed affirm my faith in the goodness in people in the community.

Sunday saw Kilanna healing Veneril Sathir and the Leviathan.   All I can say is *le sigh*   We got our poor little plate, chain, leather and cloth wearing bodies smooshed repeatedly, but really it was a wonderful learning experience.

After we dealt with the first couple of trash mobs, it was down to trying Veneril himself.   This guy is a complete and utter nightmare I swear it.   After reading Castillions adventures with this mob, I was thankfully prepared for the frustration.  

We pulled him to the little alcoves with the statues.  As I understood it, the aim is to keep EVERYONES power between 30 and 60% (once Venerils health hits 80%), while the person with the cube kesps the statues from coming to life.  He is then supposedly a strait tank and spank, other than every person who dies heals him.   He has a nasty combination of Poison DoT which hurts, followed pretty quickly by a Trauma DoT which mezes or stifles, so you get hurt more if you were a bit slow at curing the poison.  

We gave it a good shot, and tried it til we were all broken.   We got him to 80% on one try which felt pretty good.  I can see we will hit our head against the wall to get this guy for a while, and then it will just click – but it is just a rite of passage is it not *giggles*. 

We then headed of to Leviathan which was a real dissapoinment after last weekend.   We finished farming for vials of volatile fluid and opted to try and kill him, but for some reason we just didnt seem to click this week.   Every time we managed to damage him, he seemed to heal right back up … and I could not see any deaths within the raid force.  I might have been missing it since I was healing and curing up a storm … but it just was sooooo frustrating after we got him to 20% last week, and this week we just could not make a dint in his health.  Once again though chalk it up to experience, and take it as a regular part of the rite of passage as we learn and move through the game content.

So then to finish off the weekend, we took our guildmate Amaijunan for a quick run through Maidens Chamber and VoES.   This saw her ding 78 Zerker, and grab a few pretty pieces for her girl.  It must be hard for someone joining a long established game and community, so it is really nice to help her catch up and really feel part of the guild.

We have our regular scheduled Pax raid tonight, and I believe we are going to continue on with SoH, so more news tomorrow.  Until then, happy hunting and crafting everyone!!