Well, last night a few events outside of game had me all a fluster.   Trains were running completely all over the place, I had trouble with the power in my apartment when I got home,  and *sigh* even as a grown woman my wonderful beloved Mother can still frustrate me some days no matter how close we really are.

Luckily I did manage to get logged in and sorted barely in time for raid.  I like to get logged in early so that Danonia knows what he is doing when pulling the raid together, so I felt a little bit bad cutting it so fine.

All that aside, I was able to get into the healing groove once Arisha started pulling mobs.   Other than that … really there is not a whole lot to tell.   We waltzed through the Dreadlord, Demetrious and Master P as the rehearsed professionals that we have become.

Once again we then headed to the sisters.   Obviously, we had Arisha (Pally) in MT group, and we moved our Guardian companion into MT group.   MA group obviously had our MA Sytiva (SK) and also our guild bruiser.  

First pull we had Sytiva and our Guardian pull the mobs.  It was going OK, but for some reason they were really wanting our bruiser.  We were not ready for it, he went down, and so those mean girls just walked through the raid and took us all out.

Second attempt we had the bruiser pull Ire and guardian pull Malevolance.   We moved another healer to Ire to help with healing our bruiser.    Well that was just the trick.   The girls STILL really wanted the brawler, but thankfully not both at once.    So just a few short minutes later, we once again celebrated the death of those nasty wenches.    Their exquisite chest held a beautiful fighter/ scout earring.   It has some aggression on it – but I still think the dirge who won it would be thrilled.

I am so proud that we have worked together to beat that encounter, and am confident that we now have it down.  Just as an aside, I believe Dan mentioned that we had a raidwide dps of 47-48K for the encounter.   Thanks so much to bloggers and raid companions from out of guild who have been so kind in helping us to get there!  Now to our next challenge – the Twins and the Overking in KorSha.

Tonight was to see us return to KorSha – but we need to be certain we have a guildmate who regularly raids with the item that we need to kill the Overking,   As such, there was discussion last night that we will in fact go to Pawbuster tonight for the first time as a guild.   On the upside, pretty much the entire regular MT group has been there already and seen the fight successfully done.  

After being right on with my expectations last week in KorSha, I am going to stick my neck out and say that I am very confident that we WILL defeat him tonight.   Even if we dont get him on the first pull, I dont see us wasting a whole evening in his chamber.   Afterwards, we then have the option to either head back to our KorSha instance from last week (just the Twins and OK left) or some have suggested the Tomb of Thuuga.  Both ideas sound like fun to me  so stay tuned for news tomorrow :p

Happy hunting and crafting all!.