Well what can I say – we had ANOTHER great night last night as a guild.

As I eluded to in my post yesterday, we actually ended up hitting Pawbuster and Thuuga last night.   And well lets just say it sucks to be them :p

Before we went to raid, I had been toying with the idea of looking at my aa for stiffle imunity (Steadfast AA on the cleric line).  I asked quickly in raid chat for any Templars who could give me some advice on the usefulness of that aa .. and was thrilled that 2 people did answer me and give me feedback that it was a VERY usefull aa line to have for the pawbuster fight.

A few short moments later I was all respecced with my aa – and headed to Karnors Castle for our first attempt as a guild at the Chamber of Destiny.   After a few teething issues with zoning, we were all good and ready.   We cleared the trash as if we were seasoned professionals.   And then we were face to face with Pawbuster himself.  

We decided we would fight him above his grate, and that worked really well for us.   We placed the healers behind the DPS and off we went.   Obviously Killys Sanctuary was vital for this fight.     We had a really messy first pull, with Arisha getting knocked back and some of us being rooted with that incurable elemental DoT.

A few moments to buff up and dust the dirt off, and we pulled him a second time.   Around 4 minutes later, a number of our guild members had some updates for their mythicals and the Fate of Norrath quest, and the big nasty boy was in a thousand billion pieces at the bottom of his pit.  I was absolutely THRILLED with the decision to respec Killys aa because it really did work.  A number of times she was affected by the detrimental effect but was actually not stiffled.

After a few moments discussion, we then headed off to the Tomb of Thuuga.  We have been their before as a guild, but have never actually beaten the Spider Queen.   

Af ew folk needed to leave, and so after a few moments to regroup and refill the raid we were at the door and face to face with the first trash.      

Once again under Arisha and Danonias guidance we attacked this zone as seasoned professionals too.  In barely any time we were all grouped in a little corner directly opposite from Arisha ready to face the named. 

We assigned the people responsible for killing the “sacks” that spawn on the raid, and away we went.   It was slightly annoying that Killy was targeted by the sacs 3 times during the fight, but the boys and gals got them off her in smart order.   In a little over 4 minutes, the Spider Queen was smooshed, and a few more in our guild had updates toward their mythicals and Fate of Norrath quest.!!!!  

One good thing is that our raid leader now has the item we need for when we finally get to the overking, and also for when we attempt Veneril Sathir as a guild.   It was debated and discussed, and it was felt that his dirge was a good choice for both items.

Thus a drolvarg and a drachnid have suffered the wrath of the mighty guild of Pax Fatalis :p  and next week we shall see our strategy for the twins refined in KorSha.  Hopefully we will be successful in taking them down, if not we shall at least be a step closer.

I was looking at Killys heal parse last night, and the break down of her heals was REALLY wierd.   I usually expect Repent (Ward) and my reactives to be the bulk of my heals.   Last night it was a heal called Involuntary cure that did a whopping third of my total heals zonewide for Thuuga.   This is a spell which has a chance to proc a group heal and cure detrimental effect.  It is at Master 1 level, but I could still not believe it contributed so much to my healing mix.  

I am wondering if our Assassin was wearing the bloodthirsty choker and it bypasses wards and reactives …. Maybe I shall have a look at ACT to see who was getting all those heals.   I know the parse needs to be read in context, I guess I just like to understand how to do the best job I can 🙂

I guess that is enough of a ramble for me for one day so Happy hunting and crafting all!