After a great weekend and 2 fabulous nights of raiding, I logged in last night hoping for a little nice laid back fun.   As usual, getting together with guildies absolutely delivered that!!!.

Quite a few folks were already out in instances when I logged in, but I had a real wish to go to Veskar 2 again.   I threw it out there in guild, and in short order we had our group together thus:

Sytiva (80 SK), Amaijunan (78 Zerker), Topo (80 Brig), Danonia (80 Coercer), Sydvicious (80 Dirge – dont you love a bard called Sydvicious :p) and Killy (80 Templar).

Amai was a little nervous about bringing her girl to a harder instance … but I told her we would look after her 🙂   Of course we did, and her little girl got a nice pretty or two to boot.   I remember how tough it was the first time we went there, but last night we owned that zone !!!   It felt so relaxed that a couple of us said ‘Oh are we up to the last named already?’  as we stood outside Garudons room.

The first pull of trash from Garudons room went horribly badly.  Le sigh Sytiva got hit by the incurable trauma DoT stun, the mobs then went strait for Killy and did the same thing to her,  2 smacks later she was smooshed,  and the rest of the group followed 😦

Not to worry.  We dusted ourselves off, cleared the trash and prepared to face the dragon.  After giving Amai a quick run down on what to expect since this was her first visit, we headed in and tucked ourselves into the alcove on the left.  About 5 minutes later the snake, golem and Dragon Garudons were dead … and what was this – an exquisite chest???  Woot.

We popped the lid to see this pretty thing that Sytiva won … and also THIS pretty thing for a very lucky and happy Killy!!!  This item is exceptional for the fact it is only a legendary piece.   Probably the single best healer charm outside of high end raiding that I have seen around.

So we zoned out and handed in our quest for our second shard.  I was as pleased as punch that I had solo healed another of the slightly more difficult zones, and never EVER imagined myself putting out 2000 heals/sec in some encounters.  I know that some top end raiding Templars would probably laugh at that, but I was chuffed none the less 🙂

As if that was not enough fun for one night, after our group disbanded Sytiva and I offered to go for a run with some new guildies (that just happen to be family members of one of our long term companions).

We headed to the Roost in Clefts, and Cazels Messa in PoF since these are very small and very quick runs.  Our companions dinged a couple of aa and an adventure level each,  and we had an absolute ball pulling bunches and bunches of yellow and orange mobs to see how many we could take on at once.   As an added bonus, Killy actually got herself a little over half an aa for the trip too.

By this time it was heading on for 11pm.  I thaught I should rest my adventure weary little girl and headed out of Norrath for the evening.

I am not sure what tonight holds, and dont really have a burning desire to do anything in particular.  Perhaps go for a run for Arisha and Dano to Crucible &/or Anathema for some lewts they are after for their various boys/girls, maybe helping our new guildmates with their Carpet quest , maybe mentoring Katyya and heading into DFC for that pretty aa.  Shall see how the boys are feeling when we all get logged in.

Happy hunting and crafting as always!