I logged in just a wee bitty later than normal last night after missing the express train home.  *giggles* Never mind an extra 10 minutes snooze never goes astray.

Once again when I got logged in quite a few folks were already out in instances.  I decided that I wanted to take Amaijunan and another fairly new guildmate (Mystyx) for a run somewhere.   We got a group together, and headed for Evernight Abbey.   We had a flawless run, and it was a whole lot of fun.

I was chatting with them later and both Amai and Mystyx were chuffed.  They are loving being part of an active guild, and enjoying the company of their guildmates.  It is lovely chatting excitedly with them , and hearing how much they are enjoying themselves.

As an officer it is not my responsibility to make peoples fun for them, but it is certainly my responsiblity to keep an eye out and make sure people are not feeling excluded.   When I was talking to them it became very apparent that both Amai and Mystyx have wanted to come along, but were both apprehensive to say so when I have been putting out invitations in guild chat recently.   I am glad then that we managed to get them to come out to play last night :p

While I was chatting with the girls, I also took the opportunity to finish some quests in Thundering Steppes on little Katyya.   The aa was completely amazing because my little girl now has 33 aa, and completed some 220 odd quests I believe.

So – what is in store for the weekend?    I think I might look to getting the last couple of provisioner levels for Illka and ding her to 80.   I have also signed up for another attempt at Venril Sathir and Leviathan as part of our guild alliance.  If there is any time left over, Little Katyya might get some more bardling questy goodness done.  I would also REALLY like to have a good crack at one of the TSO zones I have not done yet – maybe KorSha or one of the Guk zones.

Hoping everyone has a fun weekend.    Happy hunting and crafting!!