This past weekend was another fun filled weekend when I was in Norrath, and a real mixed bag of goodies,

Killy got together with the regulars and we headed through a few shard zones over the duration of the weekend.   There was a couple of trips through Crucible hoping for some lewtz to drop for the boys as well as Caverns of the Afflicted for daily double.  We also ran RE2, Halls of the Forsaken and  Evernight Abbey for some aa for our guild mate Amaijunan.

Killy joined a group with folks from our guild alliance on Friday night, and managed to finish Najenas Hollow for the first time.   I had only been in their once before, and we had gotten as far as the drake that ports you into the lava.    It was a great feeling to smoosh him and that last SUPER HUGE golem :p.   Some very sweet aa for me killing those last couple of named in the zone which was also a great bonus.

After a lovely Saturday afternoon outside of Norrath with family and friends, Saturday night saw  Killy and Sytiva roll on over to mentor some guildmates in Sinking Sands after the shard group had disbanded.  These were the same guildies that we had taken through Roost and Cazels Mesa.    We hunted epics and headed into Silent City for a named hunt.   Once again, some very sweet xp for them, and some aa for Killy too.   Sadly I hit a wall and had to call home early and head out of Norrath before I fell asleep at the controls :p

On Sunday I had signed up for a guild alliance run to Leviathan.   Once again we farmed vials and had a good attempt at him, but we did not see him slain this weekend sadly.  I did however have to cut my run a little short when my Dad called over for lunch and champagne on the balcony overlooking the bay!!!

In between all this fun – I also managed to finish a few quests on my little bardling and chatter a little with Stargrace and Kasul from Najena!!

I was actually quite surprised last night when I handed in my Daily Double.   Killy dinged her second aa point for the weekend and now has 163aa.  This also goes very very nicely with little Katyya so very close to dinging 34aa!

Tonight will see us heading I believe to SoH according to the schedule.  It will be nice as always to catch up with guildmates and friends from out of guild for some fun and chaos.   I am also thinking I had better head quickly and get the Ellorisi day quests done before the live event is over – would hate to miss out on that precious aa.

Hope everyone else had a safe and fun filled weekend too!!  Happy hunting and crafting everyone.