Yesterday saw me with a very busy day outside of game – so I didnt end up getting a chance to update my blog.   Not that it matters too much, since really there was not a great deal to mention from our SoH raid.   The raid went very smoothly up until the sisters, but after a couple of very shaky pulls the girls went down and our MA Sytiva now proudly wears that same ring as Arisha won recently.

Last night saw us head to the Execution Throne room to get another raider the wand to kill the Overking.  It was an incredible whirlind of smooshing and healing – in less than 20 minutes we were done.

Then on to Thuuga for the spider queen – and once again after a whirlwind of smooshing and healing we were dancing on her dead drachnid body.   Her exquisite chest held the BEAUTIFUL healer ring, but le sigh Killy missed out on her /rand roll.  Fortunately, it was to a guildmate 🙂

After this, we ran around for a few more minutes and killed all four of the Dominus contested epics before it was time to disband, some folk headed off to bed, and it was not very long to go until server down anyway.

Over the last few days I have been sneaking a little bit of time on the baby bard to work on the Shiny Halberd quest for her.   I have done this on a couple of my girls – it is probably one of the least painful of the HQ’s I remember to be honest.  It is interesting to see how much this quest has changed since Killy first did it – or is it just that my memory is failing me?

Firstly, all the Owlbears have moved to a differrent part of Nek.  Remember when it was REALLY scary to come out of the beach pass and into the start of the forest?   Maybe it is also because I am playing a completely different class, but those bears really didnt seem to hit as hard as I remembered.   And the tiny little baby owlbears are just SOOOOO cute :p

Then it was time to kill the patchwork men for the next set of updates in Gargoyle Gorge.  Previous experience had encouraged me to go to Camp Leott and kill for my update there, but not this time.   There was an absolute abundance of Patchwork Men in the area for my updates …… but where were all those Gargoyles that used to be there?

The next step of the quest was just a trip down to Beheometh pond to fill the flask and run back to the Dragoon, before killing T’Sainne.   I headed to the Gul’Thex citadel, and cleared the skellies in the courtyard.   Within a few short moments they had respawned, I killed them again and the ring event to spawn T’Sainne was started.  I easily killed the level 30 heroic encounters solo on my girl at 38.  This is actually quite impressive to me since Katyya is wearing nothing but tier 3 quest rewards at the moment and her Combat Arts are pretty much all at Apprentice one – she has had NO help at all from Killy.   Now I was looking at T’Sainne and he was a 29 solo mob with no adds????   I have painful memories of camping this mob for what seemed like an eternity, and then dying horribly to him and his adds.

Then it was back to Dragoon K”Nae, kill a couple of Ebon mask assassins and the Shiny Brass Halberd was Katyya’s – along with a whopping 75% of an aa level.   For giggles I then killed K”Nae – well it is all aa you know :p

I was thinking that I might start working the Greenhood line and the Shiny Brass Shield for Katyya when we head in to kill Emperor Fyst in DFC.  I do believe that the mighty Nanytya may need to help the poor baby bardling with those trials though 🙂

After our two nights of fun and games in raid, I am hoping tonight shall be a nice quiet relaxing run with the boys.  Dont really care where we go – just a wee bitty of fun will be nice.

Enough rambling for now – Happy hunting and crafting everyone.