As always, hooking up with the boys last night was a bunch of fun.

Arisha tanked us on two flawless shard runs through Crucible and Anathema hoping to get the boys some loot.  Sytiva was also keen to check out his new ring that he won in SoH, so everyone was happy.

*Giggles* The boys thaught it was really funny to make sure Killy earned her lewtz last night.  Both Arisha and Sytiva were wearing that ring, and thaught it would be great to tank both zones entirely (including Codexicon) in offensive at the same time as they were wearing it.    The damage dealt when this ring procs bypasses wards and reactives by the way, so direct heals were required if I was unlucky with the regen proc from Killys gloves.

Arisha thaught it was giggle worthy when Kil healed almost 1.4 million zonewide for Crucible.   I just think that either they have faith in their healer or they are plain mad.  Perhaps it is both 😀

After the group then disbanded, I swapped over to Katyya to work towards when we go into Deathfyst Citadel.   I worked the greenhood line and started on the Shiny Brass Shield.    I logged on Nanytya and she mentored the bard to help her on the heroic Grozmag Trials which was a lot of fun.   It was also super sensational because another guildmate has recently won the Tier 1 Shard Armour recipes, and was able to make a complete set of T1 Void Shard Armour for the Mighty Fae Pally.

At which time the wheels completely fell of last night and I was getting annoyed.    I had both accounts turned right down to the extreme performance, but I kept crashing.   Every time I tried to log in my second account, the account that was already logged on would crash.   In the end it crashed my Operating system and I had to allow Windows time to fix the wiggins it had given its self.    To make things worse it had COMPLETELY reset all my UI when I finally managed to get logged in to EQ2 *grumbles*

I am wondering what to do.   I have a reasonable hardware set up.  I know I have not defragged in what seems like forever, but I have barely used 10% of the capacity of my hard drive.   I dont fiddle, and I dont put on anew software.  I dont do much else on my PC other than Play EQ, check my email, chatter with friends on Skye and MSN, and surf SoE sites. 

I have a Quad Core processor, reasonable motherboard, 2G RAM and a 8800GTS video card.

My question to those who are much more computer savvy than I am – are there settings somewhere that I need to tweak?  Is it just that Vista is a such a resource hog?   I want to be able to two box my girls without crashing every 5 minutes and was getting quite frustrated – le sigh there is my good Scottish temper showing through.  I beg you …. PLEASE HELP!!! :p

In all seriousness though, other than the frustration of technical difficulties at the end of the evening, last night was still a whole bunch of fun as always.  Happy hunting and crafting everyone!!