A guildmate had recently asked if some folks would not mind helping him with finishing off some HQ’s and various other heroic quests.   Of course I put my hand up.    Last night then was the assigned night – and we formed the group up pretty much as soon as I logged in.

Truth is, I have had absolutely no interest in questing on Killy what so ever.  Questing with the painful dps of a heal spec’d Templar is like root canal with no pain relief :p   I had absolutely NO idea what we were doing or where we were going, I just followed the leader.  

Our group consisted of our raid MA Sytiva (SK) Killy (Templar), Lukwut (our MT raid Shaman), Sydvicious (Dirge), Dexmez (Illus) and Castoz (Ranger)

Well we had BUCKETS of dps as you can see and plenty of heals.   We jumped across what felt like half of Norrath, but it was a bunch of fun.  Among all the bits and pieces of killing, Lukwut got his Book of Thex and Darkmail Gauntlets finished, and we did it effortlessly and with style IMHO.

Once the group disbanded, I once again attempted to box Nanytya and Katyya to get those last updates she needed for the Greenhood line prior to heading into DFC.   As if to ridicule my pleas for help yesterday, I had absolutely NO problems with the stability of my client and now Katyya only awaits the update for Sentry Goorlux before DFC – you know the guy up right close to the citadel.   I remember this guy being right painful – but here is hoping that I can get the update real quick tonight and we can maybe take little Katyya into DFC this weekend. 

At the moment Katyya is sitting on 38 dirge with 36aa.   I would like to perhaps get her to 42 Dirge so she can put on some Teir 5 mastercrafted.   That I think will be a good level for the big girls and boys to mentor her on a run through Cazic-Thulle as we seek that precious aa for our mains.

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend both within and outside Norrath.   Happy hunting and crafting everyone!!