As usual another amazing weekend in Norrath.

Friday night saw a quick run through Anathema for Killy for the DD.  This was very promptly followed by a very cool run through Unrest with a whole group of folks I have not spent a lot of time with online.  I have probably mentioned this before – but Unrest is my single most favourite zone in the game, both for the story line and the atmosphere.

I was on my Pally girl, and Topo braught his brig along for the run.  Mystyx braught the Conjuror, and our guild leader braught his Warlock.   Mmmmm Yummy encounter AoE goodness for Amends.   Our group was rounded out with some long time guildmates who are returning to game on a more regular basis on their Pally and Templar.   It was decided that Nanytya would tank.

We seemed to do just fine most of the zone other than the bar room.   I think that we had some trigger happy dps – combine that with the slow moving mobs and we ended up pulling the entire room – meh so we wiped once that wasnt the end of the world.  

I did at one point end up in a complete fit of giggles when we were down in the jail area near the hag. I had warned our groupmates about the knock back of the golems, and immediately on the first pull found myself FLYING through the air

After smooshing Garnel, we had a couple of attempts at the bugaboo.   We got close to killing him… but it was late and we were all tired, so we left the zone without defeating him.

Saturday saw Killy and the boys run The Crucible for the Daily Double, but it was also quite a bit about the little bard.   I had the Pally 2 box to help Katyya out, and so in short order she had updated her Operation Greenhood in Zek (so she is now ready for DFC), and also completed the Foombys HQ.   I remember the update to get Goorlux was a pain on Killy, so I was quite happy that it was only a couple of spawns of the place holder that were needed.  I was quite excited to see that Chomper was actually already up when I needed him too.   I am not sure if it is just me, but some of these HQ’s really are not as painful as they used to be.

Sunday saw a little bit more barding questy fun for Katyya.  I had decided that I would do the Far Sees Requisitions for aa, but now believe that these quest are far too much work for the relative reward.   Some of these quest require spawn camps of particular types of mobs, and then uncommon updates when you do find the mobs.  After investing a significant time in completing the quests, I then found that they did not even really reward that much aa on hand in.  However, between completing the couple of HQ’s and a number of other quests, the little dirge now finds herself level 38 with 38aa.  

The weekend was then rounded out with a trip to Scion of Ice for the DD.  I missed grouping up with the boys (HAPPY BIRTHDAY ARISHA /hugz), but we were tanked by Amaijunan on her girl who had newly dinged 80 Zerker.   Amai has not done a lot of tanking, and the mobs in these TSO zones do hit hard.   We talked her through the zone to help her know what to expect.  

I didnt think that I had absorbed much about these zones that I have been healing, but was suprised by how much I could tell Amai about what was coming up.  Given that my Palladin now has a full set of the T1 shard armour, I feel kind of encouraged to have a try at tanking the zone on her.

After a weekend of missions in the icy tundra that is Everfrost, Kilanna finds herself with another aa point *cheers*.   I really need to find the inspiration to get to doing those quests in the moors *sigh*.

So I guess that is enough rambling on for today.  Hope everyone else had just as much fun too this past weekend.  Happy hunting and crafting all!!