As has become usual, Monday night saw us raiding SoH.   Train trouble saw me get home and log in with less than 20 mins to spare before raid …. and ack the raid was already fully formed!!!

I bolted up to Nek Forest as quickly as my stumpy dwarven legs could carry me – of course forgetting to mend on the way *le sigh* thank goodness for mender on the docks.

We zoned in and were off.   Because I was all a fluster at getting home late – I wasnt concentrating much on what I was doing at first … so Dan had to tell me to slow down and take a breath since I was burning all my power lol.

Last night was very interesting, since Arisha was chain pulling the trash.  I think some groups may have been having problems with their power …. but it was was a lot of fun and meant we raced through the zone!!  

Other than the lack of exquisite chests, the zone was a hoot.  We pulled and killed all the trash and named like clockwork.  We even got the sisters on the very first pull and it was a reasonably tidy encounter at that – YAY for us!!

After a lovely race through the zone, it was still early, and someone suggested that I pull my Pally out and tank a TSO zone.   *quivers* but *cheers*   We decided to run Anathema.

Sytiva (Raid MA) came on his healer, and Arisha (Raid MT) came on his swashy.   The pressure!!!! lolz.    As a healer I get healer guilt if any of the group die – and *sigh* I feel just the same as a tank.     We wiped a couple of time to trash 😦  but the boys were so sweet and said I did fine after all we did finish the zone!

Kilanna feels so comfortable and familiar to play – almost like a second skin.   On the other hand I feel awkward and out of place tanking.  When things get messy, I know exactly what to do when I am on Killy – but feel a bit like a poor bunny staring into the headlights on Nanytya.   I am almost embarrased to admit how little I have invested into researching and investigating her aa in comparison to Kilanna.

Intellectually, I absolutely know and understand that comfort and familiarity only comes with experience.   If the boys will indulge me, I think I might actually just bring Nanytya for the next little while.  I am sooo lucky to have Arisha and Sytiva who are both very experienced tanks to learn from.   I am lucky they are patient and more than happy to help – have I mentioned recently how fond I am of the boys :p.

There are days when I am in absolute awe of Arisha.   He has his pally, A swashy, a dirge, and a defiler at level 80.  No matter which of his boys or girls he plays, he always does an exceptional job.   He always seems to know how to get the best out of them.   I wish I had even a little of that talent!!!

Tonight sees us head to MMIS for a number of reasons.   The trip shall see some of our raid force with mythical updates, some people update their legendary SoD to Fabled (this includes Killy), and there will hopefully be a bunch of aa since we have not conquered the zone as a guild yet.  More news on that tomorrow!

Take care and happy hunting and crafting everyone!