As promised, last night saw the guild venture into MMIS.

There were Mythical updates for some, SoD updates for others (me me me!!), as well as aa for all of us.   As a guild we have never killed Mayong, so it is another tick in the box for us!

 Although we are all level 80 and the MT group are reasonably geared for what we do, I cautioned against treating the zone with disrespect.    We struggled on one pull when the mob did a mem wipe in combination with a complete stun.  Our Shaman went down, and it took me a couple of seconds to notice I had been mem wiped.  Arisha died and I felt so awful at such a stupid newb mistake – and the rest of the raid very quickly followed.

Other than that one event, we did fine and cleared the zone with little difficulty, but darn it some of those nasty vampires and statues and golems crack out with nasty DoT’s and AoE even at level 80.   Some of those fights would have been HORRENDOUS at 70.

The fight with Mayong himself was certainly eventful lol.  Someone accidentally pulled him before we were quite ready, so it took us a couple of seconds into the fight to compose ourselves.   I am guessing that there would have been different strategies at level 70, but we just healed through his AoE’s last night.  

I have to say it was a bit scary seeing the other groups heading into the red – ouchies!! but some nice healing from our two wardens kept it together.   Although the last 15 or 20 seconds of the fight did actually see us loose quite a few people to his AoE, we had enough dps to quickly finish him off.   I remembered hearing about this before, but his equisite chest was just SENSATIONAL and would have been /drools at level 70.

After we had distributed lewtz we ran out into Loping Plains and killed the pumpkin headed horseman – another first for our guild, and thus some more aa for us *cheers*   When I saw him, there were some giggles and Sleepy Hollow flashbacks :p

That business dispatched with, I jumped across to butcherblock, talked to Lord Trodonis, and the Soulfire Hammer was mine <3.

I know that none of these achievement are particularly special now, but I love that with patience and effort we have achieved it as a guild together.   It is satisfying to see us progressing and enjoying new challenges.  

I continue to grow optimistic that as a guild we will see mythical weapons through the year.  I know that I could have paid for one of the top raid guilds to take my girl through and get her updates ….. but how much more enjoyable for me personally to work towards it and achieve it together with my guildmates.

As always I am looking forward to a lovely quiet night tonight – hopefully catching up with the boys and doing something nice and fun.  I am guessing that Ravenscale will be the new DD – I would love to give that a go!!

Happy hunting and crafting!