I was looking forward to a relaxing evening in game last night with the boys, and the boys came through!!  It was just as simple as ask… and you shall have 🙂

We hooked up and chatted a little while we decided what we wanted to get up to.  Eventually – we decided on RE2 in the vain hope that someone might be lucky enough to get one of the fabled cloaks.   

So I poured myself a glass of champagne, and we kicked back and hit the zone.  

I have to tell you that glass of champagne was not a bucket, but just a regular champagne glass.   However, the bubbles went strait to my head and it was actually a lot of fun healing when feeling a little merry 😀

There were giggles a plenty from me anyhow, as I noted my appreciation for the rainbow of colours in Arishas health bar, and Topo warned me that if he starts drinking champagne all the time it will be my fault :p

Seriously though, Killy healed the boys through an almost flawless zone, including the Epic.   *Le sigh* as per usual the loot was EXTREMELY dissapointing – *pouts* How come everyone else can get their fabled cloaks and we cant!  The darn Epic even only dropped ornate for us – where was my exquisite!!

The rest of my evening then comprised of chatting with some guildmates and my crafters helping with some gear upgrades, and a very quick run where we absolutely smashed Anathema.

I am looking forward to tonight.   I have scheduled some guild activities over the coming weeks, and tonight will be a group tradeskill instance.  Tomorrow night will be an evening where I have scheduled that groups will commence at 7.30 local time for anyone who is interested.  So far I have almost a full group signed up for the Tradeskill instance.

I have been thinking about it for a while.  I know there are people in guild who are becoming frustrated that when they log in there are no groups for them.   I decided that once a week for the next month I will schedule a night where everyone knows groups start at x time, and so they know when to log in if they want a group.   I have not proposed a schedule of where we will go, just for everyone to meet in the guild hall 10 mins before and we can see what people want to do.   Now that Amai is 80 she is working toward her epic for example.   

I will see if these nights are successful, and if they are worth doing on an ongoing basis.     Perhaps this is not the most appropriate forum to express my feelings but I grow tired of hearing peoples complaints, and yet not seeing them taking any initiative or action for improving their own game experience.  I want to help my guildmates to progress their characters and have fun, but I cant do it all for them.