Last night saw the first of the guild activities I have arranged over the next month.   I had arranged to get a group together for a Tradeskill instance.  I logged in and got settled, and picked up the folk that had signed up.

I was not surprised that once again it was the usual suspects who joined me.  Blackwolf on his healer (Alchemist), Amai (Provisioner), Danonia on his healer (Sage), Arisha (woodworker) and myself (jeweler).   We had a good mix of tradeskill classes. 

Each of us took the item specific for our class this left 4 items – and we split them up between us.   I have done a lot of tradeskilling, but chattering while we were crafting last night – Arisha was telling me how he uses his reaction arts, so I tried his technique.   I used a different combination of duribility and progression buttons to normal, and I really think it has made a difference.   I told you that he amazes me sometimes *giggles* – but you learn something new every day!

Took us a little over half an hour – and we were done and dusted.  We each had a token, and it was a VERY pretty exquisite chest.   There was Book IV – the Tier 2 Shard armour.  and *cheers* Killy won the roll so she now has all the books.  There was also a sage item and the rolling pin – which I declined on after winning the book.

After the TS instance, we picked up guild leader on his dirge and headed into Deep Forge for the daily double.  The zone went reasonably well except for me having a couple of blonde moments… and it all went smoothly until we hit the last named.  First time we pulled him was very messy …  Amai got ported into the lava and we were helping her find her way out … we got distracted and the AoE hurt us pretty bad.  Second pull went like clockwork though, and we all had 4 shards.

That four shards was enough for Killy to make Amai her 5th piece of shard armour, so her Zerker girl is certainly getting there!

Tonight I had planned to run adventure groups for the guild – but at late notice I have a work function tonight.   Fortunately one of the other guild officers is going to take care of it for me this time.

So what will the weekend hold?   I guess a little more on the baby bard, and I REALLY want to hit one of the TSO zones I have not done with the boys yet – perhaps one of the Guk zones.  I seem to have lost momentum on my last couple of crafter girls too – so maybe getting back into leveling them a little.

Hope everyone has a lovely weekend