As usual, last weekend saw some fantastic fun in Norrath.

After a few too many glasses of red wine on Friday night with my work colleagues, it was a nice sedate day in game on Saturday.  

We got the gang together, and helped one of the boys to finish his Darkmail Gauntlets HQ.     After a respite we then reconvened and hit Najenas Hollow Tower which was the daily double – and then Nu’Roga.   Najenas Hollow went off like clockwork as expected, and this was my very first visit to Nu’Roga.  It was a bunch of fun!  

As is usual for me the first time I hit a new zone, I didnt take much of it in – I was busy concentrating on the boys health bars.   Danonia was reasonably familiar with the zone and was able to direct us with regards to successful strats.   I remember feeling dizzy as we ran up and up and up!! 

I had to giggle when we came across the key mob.   I spied a shiny – and mentioned it in voice chat, since the boys are usually right onto them.  Neither Dano or Topo headed for the shiny, so I wondered if it must have been a trap mob.   I left well enough alone, and Arisha finally went and harvested it.  A few giggles later we had our key :p

I had some giggles with the brickthrower mobs too … they actually throw bricks which were more annoying than painful.  We did have a small stumbling block with some mobs which I think spawned from the bloodpools in the shamans room.

Then we were face to face with the High Shaman – as we started the combat, Killy was ported to the dias , and stunned 😦  Her health went down and down and down and I had no idea why…..  The Shaman was very soon smooshed, and so was Killy 😦  So we know next time to take the Shaman on the dias so that AoE damage can take out the chain mob.

We then had a lovely quick run through Crucible to finish off the evening.

Sunday saw Killy take a trip to the lower corridors of Guk.   I was not with the boys – I ventured into a PUG.   We were reasonably succesful, getting as far as the Froglok King without a whole lot of difficulty – but I missed the boys a whole lot.

Nothing bad happened, there were no issues with any of the other members of the group being snotty or rude or any other negative you can think of – I just plain missed the boys.    Since we have been playing together so long now, there is a lot of unspoken understanding between us.  If I cant guess where Arisha is going to pull the mob to, I ask.  

I think the guy who tanked for us was an excellent tank – dont get me wrong we had no trouble with agro control, but it just felt hiddeous running after him when I had no idea where he was going to pull to, and I had no idea about any strats with the mobs.

As a lovely finale for the weekend, the boys and I then went for a run through Veskar 2 for the DD. 

After visiting 2 new zones, the end of the weekend saw Killy ding 166aa 🙂  I am getting keen to level my little dirge girl now so I can box her and help Killy get some of that very precious aa from the Moors.  She is really slacking behind eh!

Tonight will have us raiding SoH I guess, and we have a raid planned to KorSha tomorrow night to kill the Overking (dont you love my confidence!)  If we can get going on the trash early and give ourselves enough time for the twins, I believe we could do it. 

Enough chatter from me now … hope everyone else had a lovely weekend in Norrath too!!  Happy hunting and crafting.