As I mentioned in yesterdays post, last night saw us head to KorSha for just the second time as a guild.   I was excited at the prospect, since the Overking is my second update for my mythical. 

As we had done a few weeks ago, we moved smoothly and easily through the trash and the first three named.  The adds on the first named hurt the squishies a little, Cruel and Dark were dispatched with little trouble, as was the statue.

Soon once again we were standing at the atrium.   We pulled the Runic Guardian adds, and the Assassins standing in the waterfalls.  Those Assasins were nasty nasty – and Kil found her self very smooshed as the first one was pulled – damn it for healer agro lol.

Within another few short moments we were preparing to face the twins once again.

We tried twice pulling them into their respective corridors.   Both times we got them down to around 40% before all hell broke loose.   As a group we did a much better job of working together as a team I think.   We did much better at rezing folk that went down, and I knew it was in us.

We were having trouble with range for some of the healers, so it was discussed, and we decided to try pulling them into the waterfalls in the atrium – and that was JUST the treat.   We managed to burn both mobs down at an almost perfectly even rate – they were barely seperate by 2 or 3 percent at any time.   When they hit 20%, we called for everyone to burn one mob then we switched to the last.  Some 7 minutes later we celebrated the death of the infamous pair   WOOOOT for us!!!

We allowed ourselves a moment to celebrate, and then headed onwards toward the Overking.

We pulled him I think 3 or 4 times .   We got killed by his nasty ass sword once, we got killed when the bubbles got too close one time too.  We got a real good feel for how the encounter works, and got him down to around 30% if I recall correctly.   Truth is, I really believe that we maybe need one or two more pulls of this guy, and we have him.   We had the DPS and heals raidwide to do it.    

Sadly, by this time it was getting late – especially for the New Zealanders.   Danonia asked the raid if there was interest in returning tonight to try another couple of pulls of this guy.  The response was overwhelmingly positive, and I genuinely believe that Killy will see her second mythical update.

I know that our achievements are not considered special for many, but I really could not be happier.   As a guild we have met new friends, and we are progressing.   We are learning new encounters, our characters and the players skills are being challenged, and we are having a bunch of laughs while we do it!!!!!  

Yes this is only a small story of our success – but another valiant step – and I am so confident we will see Mythical weapons in our guild before the next expansion.

Enough of my chitter chattering on for today.  Happy hunting and crafting everyone!