So Monday night = Shard of Hate raid for Pax Fatalis.

There really is not a whole lot to say …. We came, we saw and we kicked their collective asses.   Everything went down cleanly first pull, and we finished up in a good time.

Dreadlord and Demetrious dropped ho hum lewtz … but Master P dropped the Hood of Dark Dealings.   I was so excited, since I dont remember ever seeing it drop and I know Danonia has been wishing madly for it to drop for his coercer girl.   Sadly, he missed out, but happily it went to our guild necro!.

The sisters dropped Lifespike and it was a happy addition for one of our guild scouts.

As far as healing went, I dont want this to sound nasty or arrogant – but I was not happy with my heal parse.  Some fights I was healing WAAAAAY down the list which I dont like one little bit when I am in MT group – but guess it was due to dps / squishies taking more damage than the MT.   The overall breakdown of my parse seemed utterly ridiculous and that is what really bothered me.  

Normally, my reactive heals are top of my list along with my ward (Repent).  Last night, my reactives were below Repent and the procs from my helm & gloves, AND my group arcane ward was second only to Repent ….. ???????  

I try to examine the heal parse – not for the numbers, but to see if I can find anything to help me heal better.   I was actually very disappointed to hear other healers talk of not curing because they wanted a better parse.   I dont like that mentality at all, even if only in jest – this is not a competition of numbers.  What is the point having a great heal parse if your group die to DoT’s. 

I always remember EVERY raid what Stargrace told me after I healed in my first raid – Lack of DPS will kill a raid as quick as a dead MT.   I take pride in the fact that Kil heals to the best of her ability – even if I have the occasional dizzy moment (as Danonia and Arisha can certainly attest lol).

After raid broke up, I chatted a little with some guildies, and my crafter girls helped with some gear upgrades for various folks.   We got a group together to hit Deep Forge for a quick couple of shards, and then Killy made some shard gear upgrades for some of the group before logging out of Norrath for the night.

Tonight sees us trying to conquer the Overking and KorSha.   I expect that the majority of our focus again will be on the twins, and hope that we will be fortunate enough to see them perish tonight.  If they perish, I then expect to see the Overking die also.   More news tomorrow – hopefully a story of success!!!

Happy hunting and crafting all!