After a very fun and productive few nights raiding, last night I logged in just in time to pull together our group for the tradeskill instance that had been scheduled.    We had six folks, and we were soon headed to the shipyard instance.   About 45 mins later we had finished and headed out into adventure land.   Simple as that!

We decided that we would then head for a run through an easy zone real quick – and headed of to Anathema.   It was a very straitforward instance, and unbelievably the last named dropped an exquisite.  Congrats to Amai who got a Zerker master and a cloak for her girl if I recall correctly.   And congrats to Blackwolf who got himself a nice fabled scout ring for his ranger.

At that point, the group broke up, but it was still earlyish for me.  I logged in Nanytya and she mentored Katyya in Nek Castle for a wee bit.   We got a couple of the quests done in the lead up to The Missing Mask HQ, but I REALLY struggled with 2 boxing the girls through a dungeon.   I was controlling Nanytya and put Katyya on Autofollow – but she kept getting stuck.  

Now I am sure this is an issue of PEBCAK, but how do experienced 2 boxers deal with this?   There has to be an easy way.  I run both instances on the one PC and Alt-Tab between them which is easy enough.  How do folk stop the toon on AF from getting stuck all the time?

I have a cunning plan this weekend to finish both Haddens earring and Missing mask on Katyya, as well as her trip to DFC to finish Training is a shield and Operation Greenhood.  I am imagining she will net a tidy few aa 🙂  and a few levels to boot. 

This weekend has a lot of committments for me outside of game, so I shall just try and fit in play time when I can.   My brother and his partner are expecting their first child next month, so we are enjoying some special family time at the moment in anticipation of the new arrival 🙂  He will be the first Grandchild on both sides of the family, and everyone is just as thrilled and excited as can be!! Already I am planning on how to corrupt the little man, what his first toon  in EQ will be, and I am determined that his first word will be dorf and not Mum or Dad *giggles*

Wishing everyone a safe and happy weekend both within Norrath and outside.   Happy hunting and crafting!