I logged in last night in eager anticipation.     We were heading back to KorSha to kill the Overking.  Do you like the way I said that? :p

Tuesday night we had killed the Twins, and had a couple of pulls of the Overking.   We had got a good feel for how the encounter worked, and we all knew it was within us to take him down.

The first time we pulled him last night,  we pulled him to the wall on the far left hand side of the room.  The encounter felt calm & managed, and we had the DiZok adds and bubbles under control.   We burned him down to just under 30% and then WHOOSHKA – Arisha was kicked across the room, and the Overking was back on his Dias 😦   This had happened on our last attempt last night too.

Arisha then decided to tuck his Paladin girl into one of the pillars in the middle of the room on the second pull.   I planted Kilanna in the corresponding spot in the opposite pillar just across from Arisha.    And this was absolutely PERFECT!   Arisha controlled the Overking, the DPS boys and girls switched between Sarnak adds and the big boy, our alloted DPS killed the bubbles, and some 8 minutes and 3 seconds later *CHEERS*  The Overking was deader than dead.

While this is not an exceptional event for many, I could not be prouder.   As a guild this was only our second visit to Kor’Sha.   Between both our visits, we killed the twins after barely more than half a dozen attempts, and the same with the Overking.  I know we have the benefit of being able to read other peoples strats, and a lot of us have shard armour, but as a group we worked together and we actually did it!

This kill gave me the update I needed for the Epic progression questline, and my second update for Killys Mythical.   I think it shall still be a while before I shall see the Mythical Impact of the Sacrosanct though.   

So what’s next?   There is still quite a lot of work for us as a guild, and that is before we even hit VP.   We have guildmates who need Venril Sathir for their next mythical update, and then we will all be flagged for Leviathan.   We do already have one guildmate flagged for Leviathan, and I think Danonia is planning on scheduling us there soon to start working on getting these encounters down.   

Then it shall be onward and upwards to VP.  Do I dare to imagine that we shall see the bold guild Pax Fatalis in VP within the first half of the year?  Yes I do!!!

By the time we had killed the Overking and we had given our selves time to celebrate, barely half an hour had elapsed.  I then switched to Nanytya and tanked a group through Anathema.  

I REALLY need more practice at tanking instances, I suck at it.   Maybe it is just that zone … with the stupid Spectres, and the stupid Vexing Fears that spawn into big smacky nightbloods when you least want them to.    Maybe it is that I have an unreasonable expectation when I am so used to such competent and capable tanking from Arisha.   

Truth is though  we didnt have that many deaths for the zone, so it is just a matter of time and experience and continuing to ask a lot of questions 🙂  I have a nice “safe” place in which to practice and learn with the boys and other guildmates.

Tonight is week two of our guild tradeskill instance evenings, and I am thinking that might finally be quickly followed by the anticipated trip to Deathfyst Citadel.  I am getting itchy to unlock the little Dirge and get her to 42 for her Ebon Chain 🙂

Hope everyone is having as much fun in Norrath.  Happy hunting and crafting!