As always, another fun fun weekend in Norath to report on.

Friday night saw the Palladin tanking Scion of Ice in Everfrost.   it might not have been the prettyest effort at tanking,  but there was not much problem with agro.  We had no deaths zonewide ….. and killed everything first pull so that is my definition of success right there.   After we were finished there, we headed into Sebilis and got my girl some quest updates toward her reet faction in preparation for her starting her Epic weapon.

Saturday night was also a whole lot of fun.  After hooking up with the boys for a run through the Halls of the Forsaken for DD, I swapped from Killy to Nanytya and tanked Anathema.  It really went much more smoothly than my previous attempt … and I came out feeling as though at least I am STARTING to learn something about tanking :p

Sunday afternoon saw Killy join a group through Necrotic Assylum for her first run there.  We cleared the zone …. What fun that last named was!!!  As usual, for my first trip there I did not take too much in since I was so focussed on the tanks health bar :p  

Sunday night saw a quick trip to Karnors Castle for our guild leaders Warlock Epic, then a trip to Caverns of the Afflicted for a signature quest update.   This was then followed by a VERY enjoyable run through Evernight Abbey to smite some nasty vampires.

So there was certainly some tanking for Nanytya… but what about the HQ”s?   Well that was all for the little baby bard Katyya.   In between the fun I have already mentioned, I was boxing Nanytya and Katyya through Nek Castle and Ruins of Varsoon.  

First of all, we were in Nek Castle to kill Lord Everling and pick up Guise of the Deciever HQ.  Everling was smooshed well and truly, so that finished Haddens Earring.   Also sitting in this little girls quest journal was the Manastone HQ.    A trip into Cove of Decay, a short spawn camp for the Weavemaster, then some running around leading ultimately to the death of Varsoon… and now my baby girl proudly has her manastone.

Last night when my lockout for Nek Castle had expired, I headed back there to complete The Missing Mask.   Gotta LOVE knowing that trick about zoning in and out to get the Billy Dolls and Swinelord to spawn lol.   So just one final kill of Lord Everling tonight, and my baby lizard can be a baby Dark Elf any time she likes!  As a side benefit, Katyya now finds herself 38 Dirge with 41 – almost 42 aa 🙂  Not only that, but for the second time since I have been playing EQ I had an exquisite chest drop from Trash mobs.   While killing the Nythe Dolls in the Castle, a lovely Defiler master dropped to join the masters from Chamber of Immortality.

Thus ended another weekend  of fun and games in Norrath.   Hope everyone else had as much fun.   Happy hunting and crafting!