Another couple of busy days for me outside of game has kept me from updating my blog  …. but this has not meant a shortage of fun and games in Norrath.

Wednesday night is usually a nice quiet night after a busy weekend and a couple of nights raiding.   Not so this week – but I LOVED it!!!.   A couple of folks in the guild were needing to head to Sebilis for Epic updates.  Nanytya needed to head to Seb for reet faction needed to complete her epic – so you can see where the story is going right.

I dont know if other folks feel the same when they are tanking, but it feels to me like there is a huge difference between tanking an open dungeon and an instance.   Maybe it is just a mindset I have myself that I feel instances have a different focus.  With a dungeon you move around and kill stuff to get your quest updates…. for instances the mobs feel as though they need more work and strategy – well for the named anyhow.

I had an absolute ball leading the group.   It was fun nuking stuff.   We moved slowly and steadily.  I took my time in areas I was not confident – probably could have been a lot less cautious and we would have still been fine.   I helped some of my guildmates to get epic Updates I was soooo proud of myself. 

Anyone who has read my blog more than a couple of times knows my absolute trust and respect for my usual groupmates.  They are patient and kind and knowledgable and helpful.   But in one sense I was glad that I was grouping with other guildmates – I did not have Arisha to rely on for advice and pointers – I just had my own judgement.   

With all the advice and pointers that Arisha has already given me, I was able to put it into action and experience how the monsters work myself.   I killed us a couple of times … like I am sure every other tank has done while they learn.  I am sure that I will kill us many more times in the future too.   But I REALLY enjoyed playing the Pally. 

Last night I had scheduled the weekly crafter instance for anyone who was eager.    Got a group of 4 together and 45 minutes later we were done.   Arisha won the Weighty rolling pin for his girlie, and there was a carpenter item in the box – no recipe.  All fun though.

This left me with time to help my guildmates then finish their epics off.   They had been working their way down in Chardok to kill the Queen or her placeholder while I had been running the crafter instance.   They managed to get all the way to the queen.  At that point Topo lost his internet connection – and he had been healing for the group.     CoH to the rescue and Killy was there pronto pronto.   Queen down, we moved to an instance in Nek Forest to complete Amiajunan’s zerker epic.   The instance contained a portal which spat out a drolvarg every 20 or 30 seconds or so….   We struggled a bit with DPS to begin with and soon ended up over run with adds.   Some of the group changed toons,  and finally we were able to keep killing the drolvarg as quicky as they came, the portal closed, and Amai is now the proud owner of her fabled Epic.

A fast run to help our guild leader with the last kill of his warlocks epic, and he was also the proud owner of his warlocks shiny new fabled Epic dagger.

I am so inspired and excited with the fun I have had on my Pally girl, that I do believe that I shall now focus to get her pretty epic.  At the moment she wields a 72 mastercrafted sword.  From listening to various folk, Paladin is one of the less troublesome to achieve 🙂

I guess that is enough prattling on for the day hehe – so I shall sign off and wish everyone happy hunting and crafting in Norrath 🙂