As usual I had the most WONDERFUL weekend in Norrath.

Friday night saw Killy heal through both Najenas Hollow and Deep Forge, some shards for fun.  And then for a change of pace I braught the Pally girl and tanked the boys through Scion.   I guess that we are our own worst critic – I really enjoyed myself but have a long way to go before I would consider myself either confident or competent as a tank lol

Saturday saw us FINALLY do that trip to Deathfyst that has been on the plans for a bit.   While Kilanna got a dissapointingly miniscule amount of aa, the rest of the boys and my baby dirge lucked in big time.   I think that most of the boys got a significant portion of an aa point which was certainly welcome for them…. as for the baby girl She got almost 4aa and over 3 levels.    We had a lot of fun running around… and had a giggle when Fyst sent Arisha half way across the compount with a knockback.  Well maybe not halfway across but you get the general idea lol.  

Katyya was tantalisingly close to level 42 when we finished DFC.  After a few very quick quests she reached what I think of as a key point at Level 42.   This has seen her have an absolutely MASSIVE boost.  With the fact that she has only been doing green quests for such a long time, her quested gear has done her well.  She now sports a full set of gorgous ebon chainmail, new smacky weapons, and shiny jewel baubles.  She is ready to hit the big time. 

And now to the excitement of Sunday.  I joined a Leviathan raid as part of our Guild Alliance – hosted by the Kings Guild, not our guild.    We have had varied success with attempting this encounter over the last couple of months, and so I attended with cautious optimism.   

I felt honoured and privelaged to be placed into the MT group for much of the raid.   We were through the trash without much ado, and soon we were facing the big boy.   For a short while we farmed for some vials, and then it was time to attempt the kill.  

Some companions of raid leader had joined the raid from a high end raid guild to assist with the kill, and in we went.   I honestly dont even know how long it took because I was SOOOOO excited – but as you can maybe guess from the title of todays blog, we soon found ourselves staring at Leviathans dead body.   After all the work that the folks had put in, they were WELL pleased so congratulations Kings Guild!!   It is not every day that you earn your flag to VP, so I was one happy little dorf both for myself and for the rest of the folks on raid.  I am excited to have seen how the monster work for when Pax take him out!!!

After a short break, Killy and the boys decided to try out Ravenscale for the first time.  As always since it was my first time here I was very focused on our tanks health.  I was not sure how hard the mobs would hit, so I always tend to be very focussed any time I hit new content.   None of us really had much of an idea of strategy or what to expect, so it was fun working it out.   I didnt take in too much detail regarding the named, but a few enounters stand out.

First of all there was the encounter with like 4 or 5 named.   We had managed to get this far in the zone without a death.   We noted the class hats, and so I left it to the boys to work out the best kill order.    First time we tried to take them in the room and that did not work out so well… we were soon looking at a number of our corpses.   Second pull we braught them out into the corridor, the boys did the killing while Killy did the healing and we were soundly victorious.

Then came the second last named.   The boys noted his damage reduction, and OUCHIES to that AoE .   We were not quite sure what to expect first pull, and when he got down to about 20% or so that AoE absolutely wiped us out.  Second pull though, and Skittish (Arishas Dirge) put up bladedance around that 20% mark, and the Praector was beaten.

On then to the final name.   We heard that this guy had a knock up and AoE, and knew he was going to be fun and games to master.   First couple of attempts, Killy found herself knocked off the platform and into the vortex below 😦   Once I had managed to master remaining on his platform *le sigh* we were simply healing through the AoE with the assistance of a Fury that had joined us.  He seemed to be a relatively straitforward turn and burn, but that is easy for me to say when I wasnt tanking lol.      At the end of the zone we were all feeling pretty pleased with ourselves, and we talked about attempting one of the harder zones each weekend which I really look forward to!

After another break to attend to some real life matters we reconvened, taking a new guildmate for a run through Evernight Abbey and Deep Forge.  Killy did let the team down with some pretty ordinary healing towards the end of Deep Forge, but I guess that I was just getting tired after such a wonderful day.

Thus ended another fun filled weekend in Norrath – I hope everyone else had as much fun!   Happy hunting and crafting everyone!!