For a long time, as a guild we struggled to put together a full raid.   Last year, a couple of the boys decided to take charge and put raids together including folks from outside the guild.  The aim here was to progress and conquer new content.

Well, the last couple of months has just been so completely outstanding from that point of view.   We have met new folks and we are taking on new challenges.  We have met a few good men and women who are now an integral part of our raidforce.  Even though they are not guildies – they are certainly honourary members of Pax *waves to Vadel and Mathayas*. 

Down to the business at hand last night, and our regular Monday night serving of mob slayage was done and dusted.   Hood of Dark Dealings dropped for the casters from Master P, and the sisters dropped the Star of Malice.   A very nice healer item, but since I am by no shape of the imagination a mellee priest I let the Wardens have first dibs.    Congrats to Cormellia!!!

I have seen the bad boy once as part of a guild alliance raid, but tonight we are preparing for our first attempt at Venril Sathir as a guild.   I guess that it will be obvious very quickly if we have got a chance at taking him down.

Here is what I know about this encounter ….. EVERYONE must cure that noxious off themselves, EVERYONE must watch power 30-60%.   Damaging the mob procs fear, so healers are to do NO damage just heal and cure.  Our MT has gone down the crusader AA line for fear immunity which shall help us immensely I believe.

I also know that EVERYONE must watch their detremental effect windows and make sure they do not cast or attack if VS puts a detrimental on them otherwise they will either use double power or have a bunch of power regen hence blowing the 30-60% power range.

It sounds simple, but I know that things are always easier said than done.   After seeing us taking down Overking with only a handfull of pulls, I think that we have it in us to kill him.   Our success will be dependant on people taking responsibility and watching their own power and detremental effects – something that many people are not used to.

If we kill him tonight, I will be completely thrilled.  I am cautiously optomistic.  I won’t be surprised, but I have no expectation that we will conquer such a difficult encounter the first night we attempt it.   If nothing else we will be refining our own strategy for the encounter.

Times are certainly changing for us.  Just a few short months ago we were sometimes finding it hard to fill a raid, and last night we had more than 24 folks wanting to come along to SoH.  A few short months ago content like Venril Sathir seemed ever ever so far away and now we prepare to face him, with no good reason to believe that we can not conquer him if everyone is on their game.

I know that my enjoyment and excitement may seem very girlish, but I am proud of our guild and friends.  Wish us luck as we battle wits with the evil lord!!!!   More news tomorrow.

Happy hunting and crafting as always.