OK so there are no points for guessing … we didnt kill VS.   The lizard lord lives – barely.

Last night we headed down to his lair as a guild for the very first time.  We zoned in and killed the trash.  Many of us had read strategies and a couple of us had even experienced the fight ourselves before, but this was different – it was all down to us now.

We probably pulled him around 15 times I think through the course of the evening.   We had everyone stocked up on cure noxious pots. 

There is a difference betweeen reading a strat and actually attempting the encounter yourself.  First couple of pulls, we were working out the use of the soulcube to stop the statue adds from spawning.  Do we just click the statues in VS room or do we use the actual item??? So turns out the statues in his room intermittently glow green at which point you have a few seconds to right click them.   This will stop the huge statues in the hall from animating and killing the raid.

We toyed with the idea of deliberately allowing one of the adds to spawn and have the MA tank them – but after the first couple of pulls when the statues did spawn it was decided that these guys were too tough to do that – mem wipe and a lot of hit points so the raids power would be all over the place for VS.

After the first one or two pulls, we also got to actually see and experience him watching our power pools and identifying those detrimental effects that he put on to either use power or replenish power.

OK so now we are up to maybe pull 4 or 5 – and this is how the rest of the evening went.   We would settle in to the combat after the pull, the statues kept in their rocky slumber.  We would be doing a fantastic job of burning VS down, one fight we got him to between 15-20%.  Invariably then someone would be feared and/or stunned with the noxious DoT, loose power when the AoE went off, spawning adds and wipe the raid.

We did not get him down last night, I had no expectation that we would, but  I am very very proud of my companions efforts.  It is no small task to take him down to under 20% the very first time that most of the raid have ever seen him.   It was always going to be about learning and experiencing the encounter. 

The fact that we came so very close to killing him, I know that we have it in us.  VS still lives – but only for now.  Next week we have decided that we will NOT go to SoH, instead we will go to his lair both of our regular raid nights.  At this time I FULLY expect that we will get him.

In the meantime, I would love to hear from the many people who have beaten this encounter – what are some of the small things that have made a difference to your raid getting him down?  How have you overcome the issue of people being unable to cure noxious due to stun or fear?  Is it reasonable to call everyone stop dps for 5 seconds prior to him putting on the noxious DoT?  This would help with the fear but does not much help the stun.

Until next time VS you big nasty lizard !!!!

In other news, I was very heartened to read THIS letter from the devs on EQ2Players today.   It gives me confidence that we are not going to see a repeat of the events surrounding the NGE in Star Wars Galaxies a few years ago.

Happy hunting and crafting as always folks.