Today is not my usual kind of post, and I hope it does not come across as all pretentious, or make me look like a completely sad fool :p

Something that I have often wondered is how much of ourselves we invest in our online avatars, in the sense of how much our personality and experiences influence our choices when we are creating or playing one of our online characters.

First the appearance of our character.    In real life I am just a little under 5 feet.  My ancestory is Scottish, so imagine Brown hair, fair skin and freckles, with a medium build. 

Next the race of our character.      In real life I have a strong will, definite views, a strong sense of family and friendship, and a passion for some of the good things in life (read good food and good wine :p)   I really am not a complicated person, what you see is pretty much what you get.   I am open (sometimes too open I think) and so you will always know where you stand with me.

And finally the class of our character.   In real life my nature is to nurture and support rather than lead.   I am not one to come up with revolutionary ideas, but rather I like to take care of detail and implement.   I also have a very very strong belief in social justice and doing right by people.

And I give you Kilanna the Dwarven Templar 😀

My point is that for some of us, our avatar reflects quite a lot of our experiences and who we are.   Yet for some, an avatar gives us the opportunity to be something completely different from our real life  …..  A mighty warrior to lead from the front, a brave bard giving the group its inspiration, a skilled predator dispatching  with evil and injustice, or the stalwart healer to help fix the wrongs of the world.  

To each of us our avatars mean different things.   Even among my various EQ2 girls there is a huge difference.  I am very comfortable when playing Kilanna.   I am comfortable knowing that my tank and dps can rely on me to do my part and watch their back.    I sometimes find that playing my Palladin feels awkward because I am not naturally a person to lead from the front.    I find that I have been very much enjoying the little bard too – since her place is very much a support / utility type role.

Perhaps I am thinking about it and analysing too much, but these are just some random thaughts, and it would be interesting to hear if people think I am a complete and utter mad woman :p