As is usual, I logged in last night and was soon hooked up with the boys.  We mused over what to do – and it was decided that we would hit Nur’oga for the DD.   

A glass of wine in hand for Arisha and a rum in hand for Kilanna,the group was destined for success 😀   We had a little trouble with the drake dispelling the stoneskins on the two goblins … other than that the zone was uneventful.  A few of our colleagues got aa dings, and the zone was done and dusted without much ado.

It was still early, so a quick run through the crucible to follow up, a few alts through to pick up what we colloquailly refer to as “chocolate bars”, and six shards for the evening for Killy!!

Despite the fun and games, I have been deeply affected by some things that have been going on the last few days in my own part of Norrath.  It isnt appropriate for me to discuss the substantive issues here, but I have been questioning whether I have lost balance and perspective on some of my priorities in life.

The G in MMORPG stands for GAME, but some of these issues we encounter are not a game, they can be and have been lifechanging.  Sometimes for the better, and sometimes for the worse.  I am a mature and sensible woman, but the last few days my whole world has been affected by what has been happening in game.  I dont care if that makes me sound lame, it is how it is.

So the next few days will likely be a struggle as I come to some sort of equilibrium between the intellectual and emotional.  A balance between self respect and respect for others.  Thank goodness for my closest of gaming friends who look out for me.   Simply having them there and having a laugh makes the world of difference.  Thanks boys, thanks Stephanie.