As always, another sensational weekend of fun and games in Norrath to report 😀

On Saturday morning I stumbled out of bed.   The sore head and empty bottle of Champagne by my PC told me I had a really fun night on Friday.

One of my regular groupmates in guild has a son of 8 who is also in the guild with an Assassin.   We took him for a run through a couple of instances real quick when we logged in Friday evening.  After we had done that and the little one headed to bed, I popped my bottle of Champers, a few of the boys grabbed their beverage of choice – and it was off to Veskar 2 followed by RE2.

I was completely amazed – I think we only died once when Arisha pulled 3 groups of mobs in RE2, but my memory cant be trusted by that point *giggles*   I dont think I have laughed so hard in a long long time – bless you boys!!!

This of course meant that Saturday was a very sedate day in game.   I took the little dirgeling to Feerrot for some questy goodness, and started her on the “By hook or by…” HQ  I had turned her combat and quest xp back on.  I picked up the nightblood L&L, together with the other quest in Rivervale to kill 100 nightblood.  Unbelievably, Katyya earned herself 2 levels while killing those 100 nightblood,  so I have switched just her combat xp back off again.  She is still earning healthy xp and aa from handing quest in though.

Saturday evening saw us take some guildmates to Chelsith for Epic updates followed by a run through Crucible.   Nothing much of note, just a nice quiet evening of fun.

Sunday evening rolls around all too fast doesnt it???… And what better way for us to end the weekend than a couple of fun shard runs through Mistmyr Manor and Evernight Abbey.   I was very happy to say that Killy even broke 2000 heals per second on one combat in Evernight WOOOOT!

All in all, what a hoot I had this weekend.   Killy even earned herself another aa point, putting her on 170.  Now it gets exciting and I can start putting aa into the uber last line of her shadows aa tree.  Katyya also earned herself a few more aa, and now sits on 47 Dirge 52aa – not bad for the little one huh!

Hope everyone else had a weekend of fun and games in Norrath too.   Happy hunting and crafting!