Monday night is raid night for the brave guild of Pax Fatalis.  Last week it was decided that we would attempt VS this Monday instead of visiting Shard of Hate.

Last week was the first time that many of us had ever seen the evil lizard lord – and I think we did exceptionally well.  We got him to a little under 20% so confidence was high that if we all concentrated we were in with a good shot at getting him this week.

Well I must sadly report that last night was as frustrating as heck.   VS is now officially my sworn enemy – and the sworn enemy of my guildmates lol.  

This encounter requires all 24 people in raid to be on their A game – EVERY single person must be concentrating – one person looses concentration just for a moment and it is all over.

Last night I think we pulled him somewhere between 15 and 20 times, and I am dissapointed to say that the best we could do was get him to around 50%.     Each and every time we were going great guns until someone lost concentration and slipped their power too low and we had ghostly iksar adds 😦

I am not one for pointing fingers and laying blame – I dont like it and I dont think it is necessary.  It is frustrating and difficult in this encounter when all it takes is one person out of 24 to wipe the raid.    And yet the raid force are being asked to do something that many of them have never done before – everyone must keep their power within very defined limits AND watch for detrimental effects, AND watch for DoT’s AND cure themselves.

We had someone watching to make sure that peoples power was not slipping, calling it out in voice.  I found that really got on my nerves – it felt aggressive – like finger pointing.  I was of the view that everyone knew what they needed to do so why badger them through out the combat.  I know that the thinking was just to help people a little

I am a very capable healer – I know this and am confident in this.   In this fight cures are the key imho not heals themselves.   VS does not really hit that hard – but I was struggling to cure the fear and stun off of the MT Swashy between my power and him getting out of range.   I hope he was not frustrated by how savagely his DPS was affected last night.

But there is a lesson my Mother taught me.  If at first you dont succeed, try and try again.   And try again we will.   Tonight in fact – for the second night in a row we will try  to kill him.   With the complexity of this encounter, the victory will just be that much more sweet.

Our strategy is sound, so we are just depending on everyone to be on their game.  It is within us – I have no doubt of this.   We have the dps andhealing power – all healers just need to be on the ball with curing that fear and stun, so people can cure the noxious. 

I think that if we are going to continue to have someone calling out peoples power, then we need to make sure it is not a healer,  so all healers can give their absolute concentration to those cures and watching their own power too.

So once more to the lair this week with my brave companions – wish us luck!!!

Happy hunting and crafting all.