I can barely contain my excitement and my pride.  

After the frustrations of Monday night, and an annoying start to the evening last night – Lord Venril Sathir was finally slain at the hands of the mighty Pax Fatalis. 

Yes you heard correct – DEAD DEAD DEAD *cheers*

So someone added it up last night, and it took us almost 30 pulls all up.  But we did it, and we killed him in the first instance of his lair that we had visited as a guild.   Congratulations to Danonia and all my guildmates & colleagues who got their updates for their Mythicals.   *does a happy dwarven jig*

OK so now I have that out of my system – I have to say that I dont think we shall seek to fight that encounter again any time soon.   It is a very harsh script indeed, but it feels like a rite of passage.  Our success earns us not only our individual flags to Leviathan, but the confidence that VP and our first guild mythicals are now only weeks away.

*Giggles* I was so excited I cant even tell you how long the fight took, or remember everything that was in his Exquisite chest… I know that there was a Master for Arisha, and an altar (I think Marr????).

And so my friends, next week is onwards and upward to Leviathan to earn our guild their VP flags.   Perhaps the success of last night has gone to my head, but after VS it feels as though Levi is MUCH more forgiving as an encounter.   I would like to think that we can conquer him in the first instance we see him as a guild.   I can think of at least 4 or 5 high dpsers in our raidforce who have experienced this fight – Danonia, Topo, Sytiva, Mathayus right off the top of my head.     This will surely mean that we will be more efficient at farming for those precious vials than if we had ALL never seen him before. 

In the mean time, I look forward to a relaxed evening with the boys tonight.  I am sure we shall recount and discuss the events of the last couple of evenings, and hopefully a enjoy a nice little shard run somewhere for the telling.

Happy hunting and crafting everyone!!