Last night was probably one of the quietest nights I have had in game in the last 12 months.   I woke up yesterday with a sore throat and headache.  I soldiered on, but steadily started feeling more sorry for myself as the day went on.   I headed home early and slept a little.  

When I logged in, various folks were already out and about.   I had scheduled a guild run to a heroic crafter instance, after a short while got a group together and we headed off to the shipyards.

Half an hour later we were all done – and I was not the only tired adventurer in the group so we all went our separate ways.   I tried to get a couple of quests in on Katyya but gave in to the need for sleep 🙂

I am very much looking forward to this weekend in game.   Thankfully some of the events which had me all in a cafuffle last week have passed and things have settled some.   The boys and I were talking last weekend and had thaught that it was a good idea to try one of the tough instances each weekend.   Whether we try tonight or at some other juncture – that will be fun.

I am wondering whether I might suggest that we also get some folks together and start to farm some vials for Leviathan.   Perhaps if we farm tonight …. by Monday the trash will have re-popped and we can get some more fish suits for the whole raid to farm and attempt at killing him. 

All depends on how Danonia and Arisha feel I guess, and whether or not there is enough interest in guild to do so.   I dont think there is any question that we could farm for some vials with just 2 or 3 groups if we have enough healers.  He hits hard – but judging from heal parses when I have been in this fight, I think we could keep Arisha up with 2 healers in MT group.  We have a guild event scheduled for 7.30 tonight – perhaps if there are enough people I will suggest that.

I really am getting excited.   In honesty I do believe that we will be in VP within the next couple of weeks.  Leviathan will fall at the hands of Pax.  Maybe the success we had with VS has gone to my head lol but I think the only thing that will stop us from slaying him this coming week will be if we can not farm enough vials.     A trip tonight to start would be like a trial run for a couple of our DPS who have never seen inside his belly before.  

Hopefully I am not getting ahead of myself, but I think we really can get our guildmates VP flagged.    If we do not decide to farm tonight, then I guess we farm this Monday and Tuesday, with an aim to killing him next week.  I have not had a chance to talk to Danonia to see what his thaughts are post the success of killing VS.     We also have some newer guild members that we will want to help progress their epics too as they have just hit 80 or are just about to hit 80.

So here is wishing everyone a safe and happy weekend in and out of Norrath.  Happy hunting and crafting all 🙂