After the busyness of the last couple of nights raids, I logged on hoping for a nice quiet evening with the boys ….  and so it was.

I had been incredibly tired all day. but my little cat nap on the train on the way home had given me a bit of a second wind.  The DD for tonight was Caverns of the Afflicted.   Now this is NOT our favourite zone.  The slow moving and very social mobs with fast repops make for some bleh encounters.   But 4 shards is 4 shards …. so off we went.

Even though I had a little bit of a second wind, I REALLY was not on my game last night.   A few times Arisha was feared and had to prompt me in voice …  sorry bout that m’dear :p

We only really had trouble with one encounter when someone was over enthusiastic and braught 3 or maybe 4 groups of those darn zombies.   Killy went down, the boys evac’d, we dusted ourselves off and continued on. 

Bonegrinder down, DD finished, 4 shards in the bank for the evening 😀   Killy also won herself a healer ranged/symbol item with 2 heal crit.   It kinda caught my eye, so I rolled need on it.  No one minded since Kil was the only healer, I guess I will have a closer look at it tonight.

It was still VERY early but I was in no fit condition to contemplate another zone.   What better way to finish off a nice evening of R&R in Norrath than a little bit of crafting for guildmates, and chatting with friends while doing a little questing on the dirgeling in Steamfont.

Speaking of little Katyya – at level 47, I was mentioning a trip to Mines of Meldrath to the boys last night.   There was certainly some interest with hopes to collect some of those rarer Tier 6 masters.   I have her combat and quest xp turned back off again since I dont want her to outlevel entire zones and miss out on all that aa.    

Having said that, she really is doing pretty well with 54aa already.  Since I have a second account all I need to do is mentor her and colour the zones back up again.  The quicker I can get Katyya to 80, the quicker that she can help Killy with those quests in the Moors … or else I could just ask the boys if they want to bring one of their alts who hasnt done the quests yet and we can do them together :p

Happy hunting and crafting everyone!