I know I missed posting stories of my weekend adventures yesterday – but that was because there really was not a whole lot to post.   I spent most of the weekend feeling miserable and sorry for myself with a headcold – so found it a bit hard to get into anything much.

I know that there was some instances to help get some levelling guildies aa – Achadechism, Crypt of Valdoon, Obelisk of Blight, Vaults of Eternal Sleep, and Maidens Chamber.   If I recall there was also a shard run to Crucible in there too.   Despite not feeling the best, there was still some fun and giggles as always so thank you boys and girls 🙂

Dotted throughout the rest of the weekend, the dirgeling got some questing in too.  I completed all the solo and one or two of the heroic quests in Steamfont.   I have not done much in that zone on either Kilanna or Nanytya so it was fun to check the place out.   I have also returned to finish off some other quests in my journal dotted throughout the Shattered lands, and at the moment am concentrating on finishing Feerrot before moving to Everfrost.

I have not been wanting to miss out on too much aa as I level this little one, and so at the moment she finds herself a level 47 dirge with 57aa.  I do think that one of my next tasks will be to work through some of the Lore and Legend quests.  I did consider buying her some of the updates, but some pieces are so expensive I figured I could just spend time farming some low level mobs for updates.  The aa for these quests is certainly good 🙂

So with the weekend over and the start of a new week, we had our regular Monday night raid scheduled.  This week we thaught we would hit PR for one more person to get the greenmist orb who was not going to be in MT group and was not going to be going into Levi’s belly to kill him.  

Nothing much to report – Imzok dropped the lovely shaman wrist piece, and the zone coughed up a bunch of masters which went down well.  

It was very early when we finished, so we decided to head over to SoH real quick.  Once again, nothing really of note – but the Dreadlord did drop the Rune Etched Helm, and Master P dropped the lovely bard earring.    It was then decided that we would call it right there at Master P since time was getting on

It is a sign of how far we have come as a guild that we clear PR and the first three named in SoH in one night ….  Amazing to see how much has changed in a few months.

Once again, I was proud to see my Killy doing her part with the healing zonewide.  I am sure that it is a combination of her wearing both the Rune Etched Helm and the Ethereal Mist Gauntlets. 

And so friends, we look to tonight.   Tonight will see us head to the Chamber of Destiny to face the Leviathan for the first time as a guild.  Once again a couple of us have seen the fight and know what to expect, so we shall lead our guildmates and colleages as we endeavour to flag our raid force for VP.

Now I know it is possible to farm vials and kill him in one night.   Whether we can do it with some DPS who has not been in his belly before … I think that would be an unreasonable pressure and expectation.   I do imagine that tonight will be more about letting our Key DPS experience the encounter for the first time and farm for vials – with an aim to heading in and killing him next Monday night.  I do believe Danonia has a few vials already with the blessing of our raid alliance partners.

More news on that front tomorrow then.