As I mentioned yesterday – although some of us had been there before, we headed to the Chamber of Destiny for the first time as a guild last night.

As expected, was all about farming.  It was all about collecting the precious vials of volatile fluid, and allowing our Key DPS to experience what it is like to be inside his belly first hand.

All I can say is – we came, we saw and we pretty much conquered.

We spent about an hour in the zone – and have around 110 vials of volatile fluid waiting for next Monday.

We wiped one time since the ugly one was hungry and no one was suited up to be swallowed… but that fight went for around 15 mins if I recall.  The second pull the encounter lasted just a little short of 30 mins if I recall that correctly also – but I could be wrong since my UI decided to lock up 😦  Grrrrr.

In retrospect, it probably would have been possible for us to farm and kill him last night – just by autoattacks we had him down to almost 70%  – but as they say patience is the better part of valour.

The fight felt absolutely controlled.  There were a couple of moments where Arishas health spiked a little but nothing too alarming.  I embarrased myself a little by working a little on Auto pilot and Arisha had to prompt me to stop debuffing at one point…. le sigh.

So now I dare to dream that with my guildmates we shall see inside VP for the first time next week :p   I am hoping that next Monday night will see us walk into the Chamber of Destiny, kill the fishmen and arm our key dps with suits, we walk up to the leviathan and kill him stone dead.  With 110 vials I dont imagine we really need to do any more farming.  I imagine that will take us an hour or so …. and then we can head right on over to VP.

Danonia has already taken his coercer girl inside VP as part of a guild alliance raid last weekend, and I think he has confidence that we will do ourselves proud when we get in there as a guild. 

Since it was so early when we finished raiding,  I joined a few guildmates on a run through Deep Forge for shards.   It was a messy messy run that felt rushed and healing felt panicked.  I had a look and YIPES in Deep Forge killy healed 2000 heals/Second on one fight … and almost 1000 heals/Sec zonewide.

We wiped I think 3 or 4 times in what is arguably the EASIEST of all shard zones cos Kil couldnt keep up with healing … admittedly one time we wiped was when Killy got ported into the Lava when we were fighting the last named.    Not to worry though – 2 shards for our efforts and we called back to the guildhall to salve the wounded healers pride :p

As always I look forward to an enjoyable evening with the boys tonight, perhaps a bit of a retrospective on the last couple of evenings and a little bit of a run somewhere for fun.

Happy hunting and crafting everyone!!