Back to our regularly scheduled fun Thursday, Apr 30 2009 

I was soooo excited last night when I logged in to find that the boys internet woes had passed.  Danonia and Arisha were back hooooray!!.

So what that meant was a lovely couple of instance runs, and a few laughs and giggles to boot.   We cleared Najenas Tower and Crucible with really nothing much to say – little event and no lewtz of note – but it was LOVELY to have at least most of the crew back together.

After we had finished, it was still early enough for me to get the last couple of updates I needed to finish both those HQ’s for Katyya.  The mobs went down easily enough to the Nanytank, and it was not too much of a challenge even for someone as clumsy as me to avoid the see invis/stealth mobs both times I had to go down into the Tower of the Draftling.

Finishing those two HQs netted the little bard about one and a half aa and about half a level of xp *cheers*

In much more important and exciting news, my nephew has decided that he will make his appearance into the world today.  My brother and his gorgeous partner headed off to the hospital just a few hours ago, and so there is much excitement as we await his safe arrival any time.  As you can imagine, I am probably not going to make it into game this weekend, but wishing everyone a safe and happy weekend both in and out of Norrath.

Happy hunting and crafting!!


HQ fun Wednesday, Apr 29 2009 

I always like a Wednesday night.  Last night was another lovely evening in Norrath. 

When I logged in some guildies were headed out to run some zones last night, but I wasnt sure what I felt like doing.

I soon settled on working HQ’s with the bardling.  At 52 I guess I can hardly call her a baby any more eh.   I was at the stage of killing the four “marks” for the Teachings of Yoru HQ – and decided to give that a go.

Now these marks are only 43 and 44^^^, but darn they hit like freight trains.   I managed to get down two of the marks solo after a couple of attempts each, but in the end I decided to log in Nanytank and box the last two updates.    Now I just need to kill Cythan back in the Feerrot, and the Flowing Black Silk Sash will be Katyyas shiny new plaything.

Killing the marks earned Katyya another aa… finishing the two HQs she is currently working will likely see her with another substantial reward of aa.   For some reason I am absolutely obsessed with getting this girl aa.  6 months into TSO and Killy has earned herself 35 aa … and I would not like to see Katyya hit TSO still needing 60aa.

The other HQ I am working for her is “By hook or by..”  I am now up to heading into the tower of the draftling.    I imagine stealth will make this a relatively easy update as long as I take care not to run into any mobs that see :p

Work has been busy, and by that I mean good busy not horrible and chaotic.  Combine that with a couple of busy nights in game, and the fact that I was missing the boys while they are having internet trouble – I found it hard to really get into anything.   After chatting with friends for a wee while,  I bid good night to Norrath and curled up for cuddles with the dogs.

Tonight I think I would like to finish both the HQ’s for Katyya,  of course getting Nanytank to help smash the bad guys.  Then if there is time, perhaps I might finish up some quests in Everfrost and head to Sinking Sands with the little dirge 🙂

Happy hunting and crafting 🙂

It is hard work Tuesday, Apr 28 2009 

Still no sign of my nephew (hurry up little man!!)  so I was still able to log into game last night.

We headed to Kor’Sha to get Overking updates for a few folk who missed it last time.   I am not quite sure how it happened, but I ended up raid leader.    I pulled the raid together and we made sure that we had everyone who signed up.   We had a couple of spots spare, but these spots were soon filled as we zoned in and headed toward the first named.

I have said it before, and I will publically say it again – I dont know how Danonia does it week after week.   We had less than the ideal mix of characters, so working on group make up was a real challenge.  We had 4 wardens, one templar one defiler as our healer contingent in the raid.  We had a whole bunch of plate tanks, and very little caster dps.

So I set up the groups as best as we could and we headed on in.   I honestly dont know how Danonia manages to stay so calm and composed and in controll week after week.    So many things to consider and contend with – so many folk offering you advice, and some of that comes in a less than sensitive manner.   I did not loose my cool, but I know that some of the folk who know me well picked up on the fact that I was getting a little flustered.

Long story short though, we owned the zone.  Our Troll Guardian had never tanked the zone before, but he led us capably.   We took the Twins down first pull, even if at times it was a little messy.   An then it was on to the Overking – who we took down on the third pull.   *cheers for Pax*   Well done boys and girls, and congrats to those who got updates.

Thankfully Arisha and Danonia will be back as normal for raids next week.   Maybe they get flustered and frustrated sometimes too during raids … but they never let it show.    That is a skill that I dont have unfortunately :p   I challenge anyone to form and lead a raid and you will see that it is not an easy job at all, but very rewarding when the evening ends with success.

Happy hunting and crafting everyone!!

Just like clockwork Monday, Apr 27 2009 

Although we were missing the two boys last night, we still pushed ahead and pulled together raid for Leviathan.   We had one of our main healers to get VP flagged, and a couple of guildies needing Mythical updates.   We also took this opportunity to have a couple of people bring alts for various updates and a VP flag.   The more toons in guild we have flagged, the more options we have available to us really.

Guild leader started pulling the raid together, but I soon found myself as raid leader for the evening when he changed to his Warlock boy.   We had an interesting mix of toons, and group make up just took a wee bit of fiddling to start with.  

All that done and dusted, it was time to start the zone.    The raid force was capably tanked by Pax’ Troll Guardian.   We dispensed with the trash quick smart and went in for the kill with about 60 vials.

It was interesting to see how the Trolls health tended to spike a bit more than Arishas – making for a few nervous moments.    We steadily wore Levi’s health down … worked the script for clicking the orb, saw his health go down into single digits … pop back up to like 14% …. then after a few more nervous moments he was dead.   *cheers*

We then decided to run to SoH since the night was still young.    The first three named were summarily smooshed just like clockwork before we decided to call it a night.   It was nice to see various folks get some upgrades for their toons … but my Brace of Corporeal Darklight still eludes me :p

It was nice to chill out and chatter with a couple of guildies a wee bitty after raid while crafting them some new gear ….  and then I really didnt get up to anything at all productive but it was all fun.

It has been decided that tonight we shall head to KorSha to take the Overking.  I dont want to see us head to VP for the first time without Arisha and Danonia, and besides at least one of our guildies need Overking before they get their VP update.   All this depends of course on the imminent arrival of my little nephew :p

More news tomorrow.  Happy hunting and crafting everyone!!!

What a spoilt baby dirgeling. Monday, Apr 27 2009 

Monday morning rolls around again *le sigh*.   Life is so chock a block full of stuff right now that I REALLY didnt want to wake when the Alarm went off this morning :p

Although I still can not yet report that I am an Aunt, it is close I reckon.  My sister in law managed a 5 hour shopping expedition on her due date and didnt miss a beat.  I am absolutely beside myself with excitement at meeting my little nephew for the first time.  I have already prepared his first toon for him *giggles*

Now all in all this weekend in game was full of lots of little bits and pieces and as always it was an absolute blast.  

There were a couple of instances through Everfrost on Killy, and I even went on a trip to Caverns of the Afflicted with some guildies too.   Nanytank came for a wee run through Anathema as an off tank and various guildmates requried the services of some of my crafter girls ….. but the weekend was mostly all about the baby dirge.

I continued some more questy goodness through Everfrost.  I absolutely adore the fact that I can actually kill heroic named mobs without needing the entire cavalry.   I love that I can work on and complete quests at a pace which does not numb the mind.

I love a few of the tricks that dirges have up their sleeves to make questing that much more enjoyable.  Firstly – there is stealth – I love how you can get to where you need to go with minimum fuss.   I love the fact that tracking takes the guesswork and randomness out of finding the mobs you need for quest updates.  Last but not least I absolutely adore Evac as the most marvellous “get out of jail free” card every 15 mins.

Last night saw Katyya hit a milestone.  She dinged level 52 dirge. *cheers*   That done, it was time to return to the guildhall, empty some space in her inventory, and spoil the lizard girl with some shiny new gear.   A full set of Cobalt Melodic Chain armour and mastercrafted jewelery should see her well happy for her next 10 levels.   Add a pair of sharp and pointy cobalt weapons, and how she is looking just the part too.

Something that is quite obvious to me after the weekend is this – I really enjoy being self sufficient.   I like that I was able to make all Katyyas gear with my own crafter girls.  I like that I can achieve good measurable progress with this girl on my own.   I have my Killy girl who does not miss an opportunity to wreak havoc with her friends and guildmates in groups and raids, but this girl is really a blast to potter around solo in the various lands of Norrath.

What is next for this little girl?  Firstly, I will need to take stock of Katyyas spells and make her some upgrades to Ad3’s.  Level 52 saw her gain one of the dirges class defining spells – Percussion of stone (the dirge stoneskin buff).   In just another few levels she will gain probably THE spell that defines the dirge class – Cacophany of Blades.

As far as her progression goes, it will be finishing the quests in Everfrost, heading to Sinking Sands / PoF, Lavastorm and Lesser Faydark.   I have my eyes on a few HQ’s to finish – notably the flowing black silk sash and “by hook or by..”    I just hope someone can DEFINITELY confirm that I will be able to keep earning all that beautiful aa before I hit 70 even if I can not spend it.

Tonight we have plans to kill Leviathan for Mythical updates and the last of our guildmates to be flagged for VP.   I am going to seriously miss the boys, but Arisha and Danonia will be MIA this week due to internet issues.  Tonight I anticipate we will be capably led by Pax’ fearless Troll Guardian.

So more news tomorrow, and hope everyone else had a lovely weekend both in and outside of Norrath.   Happy hunting and crafting.

More updates for the Necromancer Thursday, Apr 23 2009 

Thankfully, I was back to my normal happy cheerful self last night.    I logged in eagerly hoping for some fun time hooked up with my guildmates.

And fun times indeed were had, and it all revolved around a Necromancers epic.

Even though Necronis had only dinged 80 Necromancer 2 nights before, he had been a VERY busy boy.  He had run around a whole bunch and got as much done solo/duo as he could, which was pretty amazing.

So we got a group together and headed to Maidens and VoES.  The updates came from the last 2 mobs in each of these zones, and we had no trouble getting them done.   Oh and by the way I would like to publically state that I was the ONLY member of the party who did not fall down one of the pit traps.  We even managed Maidens without a chanter, even though I missed Danonia.

Although time was moving on, there was time for a quick break to make a cuppa tea then it was decided to head down to the Queen.   Nothing much there to speak of either to be honest.   Some slayage along the way gave even Killy some aa.  The Queen was not up herself, but the PH gave the update for Necronis. 

We were all tired and so we called it a night right there.   Necro only has one more step to get his Fabled Epic which is just MAJOR woots since we head to Levi next Monday and I would hate to see him miss out on that update for his Mythical.

Finally Friday is here, and I am soooo looking forward to the weekend.   I have been staying at my Mums house looking after the pets the last couple of weeks while she is travelling for work, and am despearately looking forward to a nice quiet weekend back home.   My nephew of course could spoil these plans by deciding to make his entry into the world, but Auntie Killy would only be too chuffed if that was to interrupt her weekend 🙂

Hope everyone has a lovely weekend both in and out of Norrath.  Happy hunting and crafting.

Peace and quiet. Thursday, Apr 23 2009 

I dont know what was up with me last night – perhaps I was just tired, perhaps it was a throw over from one of those days at work where everyone seemed to want something from me – but when I logged in last night the last thing I felt like doing was heading to Lavastorm.   I was craving some peace and quiet.

A good deal of the guild did head out to WoE, and I wished them luck and bid them goodnight.   A couple of the boys decided they would do some crafting since they were having internet issues 😦

At that point I switched to my little baby “secret” Brig.  Ligeia is her name and she is INTOLLERABLY cute.    Her name comes from Greek Mythology and means “clear voice”    These things are important to a girl you know :p  Although we were all doing our own thing, it was comforting to still be hooked up and chatting with the boys as we enjoyed our respective evenings.

Now I thaught I would be a complete and utter hack at playing a scout – but I have actually found it to be a whole lot of fun.    I thaught I would struggle a lot with the rear/flanking/from stealth attacks, but so far so good.     Quite handy knowing that cheap shot (2 or 3 second stun) does not break stealth.   Sneak up behind the mob, stun them and get off your big nasty smacks :p

So Ligeia is now a level 12 or 13 brig, with a couple of aa.   Again I am working my way through the quests in Darklight Woods.  There seems to be a good mix of “Kill x of y”  and “Deliver this to so and so” and “collect b number of c harvestables”

Again though, it strikes me just how quickly and easily you can level and miss out on so much content at low levels.   I have already switched off her combat xp and will soon head over to Timorous Deep for the loverly aa and quest rewards. 

I dont imagine I will ever get serious about this girl, but I think that a little play on her just for fun was just what the doctor ordered 🙂

Happy hunting and crafting everyone!!

A happy little Necromancer Tuesday, Apr 21 2009 

Since we did not have enough healers for VP on Monday night, it was decided to do Pawbuster/ Thuuga last night for some of the newer guildies to get mythical updates.    This once again was the right decision IMHO.

I was having a little bit of a chat with Danonia when I first logged in.  He is feeling cautious about taking us all in to VP.  Everyone is expecting us to achieve great things, but with a few key guildmates still needing to be flagged another week to wait is not too hard to live with.

So after dispatching with both Pawbuster and the nasty spider queen in a tidy manner, it was still reasonably early.  Raid disbanded and folk went off to do their thing.   I was quite excited to be asked along to join some friends slaying all sorts in JW with quite wonderful results.

As we headed out, one of our guildmates Necronis had only around 30% to go before he dinged 80 Necromancer.   I joined him and 2 other guildmates (who just happen to be his family too :p) and we hacked our way through the repeatables given by the dwarf outside Danak and then moved up to Skyfire.

The end result was a mini celebration as Necronis dinged 80 🙂   Congrats to the happy little necromancer!!!   Even better since he has been joining us on shard runs as he has been working his last few levels, his boy already has 5 pieces of Tier 1 shard gear that Killy made for him.   How completely and utterly sweet is that for him!!

As we were smooshing our way through the chickens, cats, rhinos and scorpions we started chatting a little about Necros Epic.   He has quite a bit he can do solo, but if we give him a hand there is no doubt we can get it done pretty quickly.  He will need Maidens, VoES, Korokust, and a wee trip down to the Queen (or her placeholder)  in Chardok.  

Maidens and VoES is an easy evenings work, as is Korokust and the Queen.  We are planning to hit Leviathan again next Monday night I believe, so it would be nice if we can get him finished his fabled.   Levi is actually one of his updates for his Mythical.

Apparently, tonight we are heading into Ward of Elements in Lavastorm.    I am grateful to Danonia for arranging it, and know it will be fun to hang out with the boys as always.   Sadly I am not feeling too enthusiastic about it this morning, but am sure I will be excited by the time I log in tonight.

Happy hunting and crafting!!!

Are we there yet?? Monday, Apr 20 2009 

Firstly – apologies for a lack of a Monday morning post to recount the events of the weekend.   Both work and family stuff has had me a very busy little dorf, but has not stopped me from continuing to enjoy my adventures in Norrath.

The weekend was a bit of a blur to be honest.   There was a bunch of instances sprinkled throughout, mostly in Everfrost.   There was a little bit of crafty goodness too, with my little tailor girl now sitting on 70 almost 71 tailor.  

After a huge day out with my work colleagues all day Saturday (team building days can be a heck of a lot of fun :p) Sunday was a very very quiet day at home.   After taking care of some chores I logged in to kick back and relax.   Guild leader was on his Warrior boy doing some questing up in Moors, and so *shock horror* Killy joined him for a little bit of fun and actually started doing some of the TSO quests.   Only taken me 6 months to get around to it :p

Although I have healed a lot for a Guardian, I have not had much experience healing with a zerker.   They can certainly take a hit or two and deal out some pretty decent damage too.  

After a lovely relaxed hour or two, my girl had earned herself almost a full AA level and completed maybe around 15 quests.   Got to be happy with that!!

So after a very enjoyable weekend, I logged in last night eagerly anticipating a trip to VP.   With the guild flagged last week, everyone was pretty keen to poke our noses in and see what it was like.

As Danonia pulled the raid together, it was becoming very obvious that we were going to be short on healers.  One of our main healers from guild, a Warden, had been travelling for work last week.  Sadly this meant his girl missed out on her VP flag, and without her to heal VP it was decided to head to PR and SoH.   I think this was the right decision.

We have another guildmate who will need Leviathan for his Mythical Update when he gets to 80.   He has less than half a level to hit 80, so we are planning to help him ding and then get his fabled epic over the next weekend.  This will mean we can kill two birds with one stone when we kill Levi next week.

I know I was a little dissapoined we didnt get to poke our nose into VP….. but patience is a virtue so they say – and we still had a bunch of fun as always.  In a sign of how our guild has progressed, we cleared PR in less than an hour with only one death the entire zone.   We then conquered SoH up to and including the Sisters in a little over an hour, again with only one death the entire zone.   I would think that the last nights encounter with the sisters was probably the smoothest we have had yet.

It was a lovely relaxed evening, and we managed to get lewtz and mythical updates for some guildies alts.    I might feel  like the kid in the back of the car yelling “Mum … Are we there yet?”   but we have waited this long to get to VP so another week or two wont be too hard to deal with 😀

Happy hunting and crafting as always!

ACK!!! Servers down :( Thursday, Apr 16 2009 

Well – as you can tell ….. I was a sad little dorf last night.   I logged in a little after 6 to find that ACK – the servers were going down in just over an hour and a half.

I understand that server down at 3am PST means the least disruption to the US players, but that meant that servers were down for me at 8pm… my prime play time 😦  *le sigh* 

As I mentioned yesterday, it felt as though it had been AGES since I had gotten together with all the boys.   There was definitely still time for us to go on a run somewhere – so we hooked up and headed to Veskar 2.  

Now I do enjoy that zone, and it felt very nice to just be chatting and having a laugh as we were cutting a bloody swathe through the mobs.     I dont remember us having any deaths through the zone at all, and we were finished about 15 minutes before the servers went down which was well timed.

It was an AMAZING run for lewtz – with 3 Exquisites for the zone …. and not just that but one of the chests had 2 masters in it.     Garudon also dropped the Essence of Dragonkind, but sadly we didnt have enough time to get a healer alt to come and loot it.  

Servers went down, so I went and curled up with the dogs, a coffee and a good book for the rest of the evening 🙂

In other news, SoE have once again shown their willingness to come to the party for their players.   Danonia hinted about some good news, and when I logged in last night, it turned out that Dan had sent in a petition, and it was very promptly answered.   We had killed Leviathan just at the beginning of the week and so we now proudly display a trophy in our guildhall.   I continue to be impressed at the responsiveness and fairness displayed by the SoE customer service.

I guess just kind of following on from yesterdays post, I was also thinking about my short attention span in game again.    When I was choosing my “secret” toon that I could go and play when I was feeling antisocial, I also tried rolling a Warlock.

I made up a particularly cute Arisai Warlock, but even at level 15 I found that I was not enjoying the class at all.    It seems easy enough to open up with a root, and then hit debuffs and nukes while keeping the mob rooted.   but I just hate hate hate the high percentages of resists I was getting and her root was only sticking maybe 20% of the time.

I logged her in this morning while I was waking up with coffee, and tried her again on some con blue and white mobs in Darklight Woods and found that she was REALLY struggling to get her root spell to stick.   I know that a couple of folk in the guild absolutely adore their Warlocks, so maybe I might see if they think I am doing anything wrong.    Maybe I am being a complete newb and doing something to break the root myself.   Maybe I just need to *shock horror* have a little patience :p

This weekend is going to be a very very busy one so I may not get all that much time in Norrath.   I have helped to arrange a day out for our team at work tomorrow.  We are going on a cruise out to a popular holiday resort and I am hoping it will be a lovely day out.

Wishing everyone a safe and enjoyable weekend both in and out of Norrath.   Happy hunting and crafting 🙂

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