By the time my PC patched with the GU and I had logged in last night, just about everyone was out in Lavastorm.  

Now I hope I dont sound like too much of a sook – but the thaught of having to quest for faction on Killy made me roll my eyes and sigh.   I knew it would probably take me a week to do what everyone else could do in a night.

Not to worry – the boys said that I would need help and that is what they are there for bless them.   We didnt do quests last night, but I imagine that we will do some on the weekend. 

We have guild groups scheduled for Friday night…. so we were sort of planning that would give folks enough time to get access, and we can go and check out the new x2 Lavastorm zones then.  Instead last night we got a guild group together for the daily double. 

Scion of Ice is such a pretty zone – I love all the ice zones in fact.   Scion is the very first of all the shard zones that we tackled.   Every time we get to Arcanus – the moving hand – I am reminded of an Episode of Doctor Who when I was a little girl.    I have these memories of Sara Jane sitting in the corner in a room while this hand moved around – Tom Baker was the Doctor at the time.  Heck that must be more than 30 years ago *gulp*.

I know Arisha finds the pathing of some of the book mobs in this zone more than a little annoying at times – but it was a relaxed evening and it is always fun to hang out with the boys.   I know I say it often – but I really am very lucky to have such a lovely group of gaming friends and guildmates. 

I was thinking about it this morning while I was enjoying my coffee.  The next couple of weeks will see me hit another gaming milestone.   Kilanna will clock up 2 years of fun time in Pax Fatalis.   I looked back to some of my first posts when Kil joined  Pax with all the fun of making new friends and seeing new places.

I know I am far from a top end player, but I feel as though I have come a long way from the wide eyed excitement of those early days.   I would like to think I have become a valued and respected part of the guild, and a capable enough player that people trust me to do my part. 

Some of the core of Pax have been gaming together for many many years – since EQ1 days.  EQ2 will come and go I am sure, but I would like to think that I will still have friendships of one form or another with some of the people I have met for years to come.

Happy hunting and crafting.


The GU saw the inclusion of the hate meter which I have heard a little about.  I like it.  I like it a lot.  It makes it childs play to watch and control your own hate.  Last night as we ran Scion, Danonia was seing how far he could push til he took agro of Arisha.  Killy on the other hand only had agro for two very brief occasions.  This was only because some encounter mobs were slow and Arisha had to wait to use his group taunt so he did not social pull additional groups of mobs.   Rest of the time, my hate was barely out of single digits and rarely above 30.  Just what we want for a healer :p