Wowser – so my posts have been pretty much non existent this week.   And all for good and wonderful reasons.

Firstly, my younger brother and his lovely partner are expecting their first child in the next couple of weeks.   It is such a special time and both families are so excited as we prepare for the new arrival.

On top of that, I have been wrapped up in a bunch of other really wonderful stuff going on out of game.   This however has NOT meant a lack of fun in Norrath.

There has been a few Shard instances and lots of Epic updates for some guildmates.   Nothing really new or exciting to report there – but it is great to be seeing some more guildies heading toward their Mythicals.  It has been fun too – heading back to zones like Maidens, Chelsith, Vaults of Eternal Sleep. 

Dirge girl has also been feeling some love.   I have taken her to start quests in Everfrost.   I have turned her Combat and Quest XP back on, and she is currently just sort of 49 Dirge and 62aa.   I am completely enamoured with the dirge class.   It is so very very different to Killy, but Katyya is just a pleasure to play.  I actually finished 3 HQ’s on her over the weekend – The Reaching Blade of the Assassin, Stein of Maddock and Rescue of the Greenhoods.   Taking her to Deathfyst and actually playing her (not boxing) was just a hoot.

Leviathan Part 2 raid was dissapointing to say the least 😦    We seemed to be going just fine and everything felt controlled until a combination of 2 things hurt us.    Firstly, we sent Amaijunan to click the Orb perhaps a little too early.  This seemed to result in Levi healing himself a bit sadly.   And then came the real bummer… our MT dirge blue screened at perhaps the most innoportune of moments.   At that point Arishas health started to spike all over the place  and the Pally went KERSPLATT.      With so few fish suits left we sadly decided to just use them up to farm some extra vials.   We finished off the night by taking 3 groups through PR in a lovely quick run and another person with the Greenmist orb.

Tuesday night raid was formed.  I guess we were originally thinking that we would have been heading to VP.  As we were forming raid there were some thaughts of Tomb of the Mad Crusader but we were WOEFULLY short of healers so we ended up heading to Shard of Hate instead.   One of our guildmates braught his Necro on his very first raid ever and had a fantastic time which I was glad to hear.

It feels like I have hardly had any time with the boys this last week, and I have really missed chatting and hanging out with them to be honest.   Even though we have a long weekend coming up, I dont imagine I am going to get a lot of time with them this weekend either …. I REALLY hope we can catch up and do something fun tonight.   Maybe the boys can take the Dirge through a few instances like Klak’anon, Mines of Meldrath, Cazic Thulle; or we can get working on some quests in Lava or Moors for Killy.

Wishing everyone a safe and happy Easter with their families and friends.