After re-reading my post from yesterday and looking at my Character list – I realise that I REALLY must have a short attention span.

I have Killy who I absolutely adore when I am hooking up with the boys, I have my 80 Pally who sadly does not get a lot of loving these days since I just dont really seem to enjoy tanking instances that much.  Then there are all my 80 Crafters – and also the two girls that I am enjoying playing so much at the moment – my dirge and my “secret” brigand.     

If only I could concentrate on Killy and get her quests in Moors and Lavastorm done, she would be able to finish her shadows aa line.    Bless Danonia though, since he has very kindly offered to help my girl get some killing done.    Have I mentioned in the last few minutes how cool the boys are and how well they look after me :p

I always seem to enjoy a Wednesday night hooked up with the boys.  Last night was no exception as some of us grouped up and took one of our newer guildmates through a couple of TSO instances for some shards.  We decided to take him to Deep Forge and Najenas Tower.  Fun and games and four shards for his Necro boy.

While everyone seems to consider Deep Forge one of the easiest shard zones – I think I would have to beg to differ a little.   When I compare my heal parses for both of those zones, the healing in Deep Forge is certainly more intense.    The Ogres hit hard, as does the Doomsmith.   And truth is the entire room with the Firelord will keep a healer on their toes imho.   We cleared the zone easily with no deaths (except the encounter that my UI decided to crash anyway), but I guess I just believe that zone does deserve to be respected.

After we finished and the group disbanded, I logged on Nanytya and took our Necro friend to Jarsath to start earning Sel’Nok faction for his hammer.    He is now almost 79 necro and I remember that doing those quests was a good way to finish leveling Nanytank :p    

I had an absolute ball smacking mobs with Necronis, so I am not sure why I just can not seem to get into tanking instances.    We found a few named (= aa on legs) along the way and got around half a dozen quests finished, so all in all a very satisfactory evening for his boy.

Although I have been having a lot of fun jumping around and getting up to a lot of things, I have missed my regular evenings of fun and chaos with all of the boys.   I dont know why, but it feels like an age since we have had the whole crew together and had a laugh while we smoosh everything in our way :p   I am thinking that is what I would really love to do tonight.

Until tomorrow then – happy hunting and crafting!