Well I hope everyone had an absolutely wonderful Easter – I know I did 🙂   I spent some time out of town visiting a friend this weekend so I didnt get in an awful lot of gaming.  But the gaming I did get in was a whole lot of fun.

I must admit that I blushed a little when I logged in.   It was lovely to know that my friends were happy to see me back. 

Firstly – we had our Leviathan part 2(b) raid in guild.   After learning some harsh lessons from Leviathan Part 2(a)…. we were eager to see him go down and flag the guild for VP.    And flag the guild we did *cheers*

After dispensing with the trash without event, it was on to killing the big boy.     We had a few people who were not with us last time, so after explaining the traps for young players Arisha pulled and we were off.

The fight was controlled and Arishas health stayed nice and consistent for the most part.    Everyone played their part, we did not send Amaijunan over to click the orb too early this time, and some 17 minutes later Leviathan was a jellyfish corpse in his chamber.  *Hoooooray for Pax*

Congrats to my guildmates who got Mythical Updates, and congrats to us all.  So now it is on to VP next week.

I also did something a little bit selfish this weekend.    Anyone who knows me will know that I am very fond of my guildmates, and that I love helping out the guild any way I can.   Regardless of this, I made myself a new little girl who is not in the guild and I dont think I will bring her into the guild.  She is going to be for the times when I feel like playing, but am feeling like being a bit selfish and not wanting to talk to anyone *giggles*

I made up a little Arasai Brigand.  After playing with the Dirge I am finding dps is a fun drug *giggles*    I guess you really need to give a class until about level 30 or so to really judge, but so far she is fun to kick back on and enjoy.

In between all this, the dirgeling also got a little more loving.  I have been working my way through the quests in Everfrost, and finding that zone much more enjoyable than when I was doing it on Kilanna.    Hats off to the developers who did such a nice job with the revamp.    Katyya now finds herself just short of level 50.    I still have not even started quests in Sinking Sands, Lavastorm, Pillars of Flame and Lesser Faydark.   

The little girl already has 63 almost 64aa.  I am guessing she is going to reach 100aa well before she reaches level 70.   I hope I understand correctly that a character can earn more than 100 aa but just not spend it before they hit level 70!!

As always there is soooo much fun to be had and simply not enough time to do it all :p