Well – as you can tell ….. I was a sad little dorf last night.   I logged in a little after 6 to find that ACK – the servers were going down in just over an hour and a half.

I understand that server down at 3am PST means the least disruption to the US players, but that meant that servers were down for me at 8pm… my prime play time 😦  *le sigh* 

As I mentioned yesterday, it felt as though it had been AGES since I had gotten together with all the boys.   There was definitely still time for us to go on a run somewhere – so we hooked up and headed to Veskar 2.  

Now I do enjoy that zone, and it felt very nice to just be chatting and having a laugh as we were cutting a bloody swathe through the mobs.     I dont remember us having any deaths through the zone at all, and we were finished about 15 minutes before the servers went down which was well timed.

It was an AMAZING run for lewtz – with 3 Exquisites for the zone …. and not just that but one of the chests had 2 masters in it.     Garudon also dropped the Essence of Dragonkind, but sadly we didnt have enough time to get a healer alt to come and loot it.  

Servers went down, so I went and curled up with the dogs, a coffee and a good book for the rest of the evening 🙂

In other news, SoE have once again shown their willingness to come to the party for their players.   Danonia hinted about some good news, and when I logged in last night, it turned out that Dan had sent in a petition, and it was very promptly answered.   We had killed Leviathan just at the beginning of the week and so we now proudly display a trophy in our guildhall.   I continue to be impressed at the responsiveness and fairness displayed by the SoE customer service.

I guess just kind of following on from yesterdays post, I was also thinking about my short attention span in game again.    When I was choosing my “secret” toon that I could go and play when I was feeling antisocial, I also tried rolling a Warlock.

I made up a particularly cute Arisai Warlock, but even at level 15 I found that I was not enjoying the class at all.    It seems easy enough to open up with a root, and then hit debuffs and nukes while keeping the mob rooted.   but I just hate hate hate the high percentages of resists I was getting and her root was only sticking maybe 20% of the time.

I logged her in this morning while I was waking up with coffee, and tried her again on some con blue and white mobs in Darklight Woods and found that she was REALLY struggling to get her root spell to stick.   I know that a couple of folk in the guild absolutely adore their Warlocks, so maybe I might see if they think I am doing anything wrong.    Maybe I am being a complete newb and doing something to break the root myself.   Maybe I just need to *shock horror* have a little patience :p

This weekend is going to be a very very busy one so I may not get all that much time in Norrath.   I have helped to arrange a day out for our team at work tomorrow.  We are going on a cruise out to a popular holiday resort and I am hoping it will be a lovely day out.

Wishing everyone a safe and enjoyable weekend both in and out of Norrath.   Happy hunting and crafting 🙂