Firstly – apologies for a lack of a Monday morning post to recount the events of the weekend.   Both work and family stuff has had me a very busy little dorf, but has not stopped me from continuing to enjoy my adventures in Norrath.

The weekend was a bit of a blur to be honest.   There was a bunch of instances sprinkled throughout, mostly in Everfrost.   There was a little bit of crafty goodness too, with my little tailor girl now sitting on 70 almost 71 tailor.  

After a huge day out with my work colleagues all day Saturday (team building days can be a heck of a lot of fun :p) Sunday was a very very quiet day at home.   After taking care of some chores I logged in to kick back and relax.   Guild leader was on his Warrior boy doing some questing up in Moors, and so *shock horror* Killy joined him for a little bit of fun and actually started doing some of the TSO quests.   Only taken me 6 months to get around to it :p

Although I have healed a lot for a Guardian, I have not had much experience healing with a zerker.   They can certainly take a hit or two and deal out some pretty decent damage too.  

After a lovely relaxed hour or two, my girl had earned herself almost a full AA level and completed maybe around 15 quests.   Got to be happy with that!!

So after a very enjoyable weekend, I logged in last night eagerly anticipating a trip to VP.   With the guild flagged last week, everyone was pretty keen to poke our noses in and see what it was like.

As Danonia pulled the raid together, it was becoming very obvious that we were going to be short on healers.  One of our main healers from guild, a Warden, had been travelling for work last week.  Sadly this meant his girl missed out on her VP flag, and without her to heal VP it was decided to head to PR and SoH.   I think this was the right decision.

We have another guildmate who will need Leviathan for his Mythical Update when he gets to 80.   He has less than half a level to hit 80, so we are planning to help him ding and then get his fabled epic over the next weekend.  This will mean we can kill two birds with one stone when we kill Levi next week.

I know I was a little dissapoined we didnt get to poke our nose into VP….. but patience is a virtue so they say – and we still had a bunch of fun as always.  In a sign of how our guild has progressed, we cleared PR in less than an hour with only one death the entire zone.   We then conquered SoH up to and including the Sisters in a little over an hour, again with only one death the entire zone.   I would think that the last nights encounter with the sisters was probably the smoothest we have had yet.

It was a lovely relaxed evening, and we managed to get lewtz and mythical updates for some guildies alts.    I might feel  like the kid in the back of the car yelling “Mum … Are we there yet?”   but we have waited this long to get to VP so another week or two wont be too hard to deal with 😀

Happy hunting and crafting as always!