Since we did not have enough healers for VP on Monday night, it was decided to do Pawbuster/ Thuuga last night for some of the newer guildies to get mythical updates.    This once again was the right decision IMHO.

I was having a little bit of a chat with Danonia when I first logged in.  He is feeling cautious about taking us all in to VP.  Everyone is expecting us to achieve great things, but with a few key guildmates still needing to be flagged another week to wait is not too hard to live with.

So after dispatching with both Pawbuster and the nasty spider queen in a tidy manner, it was still reasonably early.  Raid disbanded and folk went off to do their thing.   I was quite excited to be asked along to join some friends slaying all sorts in JW with quite wonderful results.

As we headed out, one of our guildmates Necronis had only around 30% to go before he dinged 80 Necromancer.   I joined him and 2 other guildmates (who just happen to be his family too :p) and we hacked our way through the repeatables given by the dwarf outside Danak and then moved up to Skyfire.

The end result was a mini celebration as Necronis dinged 80 🙂   Congrats to the happy little necromancer!!!   Even better since he has been joining us on shard runs as he has been working his last few levels, his boy already has 5 pieces of Tier 1 shard gear that Killy made for him.   How completely and utterly sweet is that for him!!

As we were smooshing our way through the chickens, cats, rhinos and scorpions we started chatting a little about Necros Epic.   He has quite a bit he can do solo, but if we give him a hand there is no doubt we can get it done pretty quickly.  He will need Maidens, VoES, Korokust, and a wee trip down to the Queen (or her placeholder)  in Chardok.  

Maidens and VoES is an easy evenings work, as is Korokust and the Queen.  We are planning to hit Leviathan again next Monday night I believe, so it would be nice if we can get him finished his fabled.   Levi is actually one of his updates for his Mythical.

Apparently, tonight we are heading into Ward of Elements in Lavastorm.    I am grateful to Danonia for arranging it, and know it will be fun to hang out with the boys as always.   Sadly I am not feeling too enthusiastic about it this morning, but am sure I will be excited by the time I log in tonight.

Happy hunting and crafting!!!