Thankfully, I was back to my normal happy cheerful self last night.    I logged in eagerly hoping for some fun time hooked up with my guildmates.

And fun times indeed were had, and it all revolved around a Necromancers epic.

Even though Necronis had only dinged 80 Necromancer 2 nights before, he had been a VERY busy boy.  He had run around a whole bunch and got as much done solo/duo as he could, which was pretty amazing.

So we got a group together and headed to Maidens and VoES.  The updates came from the last 2 mobs in each of these zones, and we had no trouble getting them done.   Oh and by the way I would like to publically state that I was the ONLY member of the party who did not fall down one of the pit traps.  We even managed Maidens without a chanter, even though I missed Danonia.

Although time was moving on, there was time for a quick break to make a cuppa tea then it was decided to head down to the Queen.   Nothing much there to speak of either to be honest.   Some slayage along the way gave even Killy some aa.  The Queen was not up herself, but the PH gave the update for Necronis. 

We were all tired and so we called it a night right there.   Necro only has one more step to get his Fabled Epic which is just MAJOR woots since we head to Levi next Monday and I would hate to see him miss out on that update for his Mythical.

Finally Friday is here, and I am soooo looking forward to the weekend.   I have been staying at my Mums house looking after the pets the last couple of weeks while she is travelling for work, and am despearately looking forward to a nice quiet weekend back home.   My nephew of course could spoil these plans by deciding to make his entry into the world, but Auntie Killy would only be too chuffed if that was to interrupt her weekend 🙂

Hope everyone has a lovely weekend both in and out of Norrath.  Happy hunting and crafting.