I dont know what was up with me last night – perhaps I was just tired, perhaps it was a throw over from one of those days at work where everyone seemed to want something from me – but when I logged in last night the last thing I felt like doing was heading to Lavastorm.   I was craving some peace and quiet.

A good deal of the guild did head out to WoE, and I wished them luck and bid them goodnight.   A couple of the boys decided they would do some crafting since they were having internet issues 😦

At that point I switched to my little baby “secret” Brig.  Ligeia is her name and she is INTOLLERABLY cute.    Her name comes from Greek Mythology and means “clear voice”    These things are important to a girl you know :p  Although we were all doing our own thing, it was comforting to still be hooked up and chatting with the boys as we enjoyed our respective evenings.

Now I thaught I would be a complete and utter hack at playing a scout – but I have actually found it to be a whole lot of fun.    I thaught I would struggle a lot with the rear/flanking/from stealth attacks, but so far so good.     Quite handy knowing that cheap shot (2 or 3 second stun) does not break stealth.   Sneak up behind the mob, stun them and get off your big nasty smacks :p

So Ligeia is now a level 12 or 13 brig, with a couple of aa.   Again I am working my way through the quests in Darklight Woods.  There seems to be a good mix of “Kill x of y”  and “Deliver this to so and so” and “collect b number of c harvestables”

Again though, it strikes me just how quickly and easily you can level and miss out on so much content at low levels.   I have already switched off her combat xp and will soon head over to Timorous Deep for the loverly aa and quest rewards. 

I dont imagine I will ever get serious about this girl, but I think that a little play on her just for fun was just what the doctor ordered 🙂

Happy hunting and crafting everyone!!