Although we were missing the two boys last night, we still pushed ahead and pulled together raid for Leviathan.   We had one of our main healers to get VP flagged, and a couple of guildies needing Mythical updates.   We also took this opportunity to have a couple of people bring alts for various updates and a VP flag.   The more toons in guild we have flagged, the more options we have available to us really.

Guild leader started pulling the raid together, but I soon found myself as raid leader for the evening when he changed to his Warlock boy.   We had an interesting mix of toons, and group make up just took a wee bit of fiddling to start with.  

All that done and dusted, it was time to start the zone.    The raid force was capably tanked by Pax’ Troll Guardian.   We dispensed with the trash quick smart and went in for the kill with about 60 vials.

It was interesting to see how the Trolls health tended to spike a bit more than Arishas – making for a few nervous moments.    We steadily wore Levi’s health down … worked the script for clicking the orb, saw his health go down into single digits … pop back up to like 14% …. then after a few more nervous moments he was dead.   *cheers*

We then decided to run to SoH since the night was still young.    The first three named were summarily smooshed just like clockwork before we decided to call it a night.   It was nice to see various folks get some upgrades for their toons … but my Brace of Corporeal Darklight still eludes me :p

It was nice to chill out and chatter with a couple of guildies a wee bitty after raid while crafting them some new gear ….  and then I really didnt get up to anything at all productive but it was all fun.

It has been decided that tonight we shall head to KorSha to take the Overking.  I dont want to see us head to VP for the first time without Arisha and Danonia, and besides at least one of our guildies need Overking before they get their VP update.   All this depends of course on the imminent arrival of my little nephew :p

More news tomorrow.  Happy hunting and crafting everyone!!!