Monday morning rolls around again *le sigh*.   Life is so chock a block full of stuff right now that I REALLY didnt want to wake when the Alarm went off this morning :p

Although I still can not yet report that I am an Aunt, it is close I reckon.  My sister in law managed a 5 hour shopping expedition on her due date and didnt miss a beat.  I am absolutely beside myself with excitement at meeting my little nephew for the first time.  I have already prepared his first toon for him *giggles*

Now all in all this weekend in game was full of lots of little bits and pieces and as always it was an absolute blast.  

There were a couple of instances through Everfrost on Killy, and I even went on a trip to Caverns of the Afflicted with some guildies too.   Nanytank came for a wee run through Anathema as an off tank and various guildmates requried the services of some of my crafter girls ….. but the weekend was mostly all about the baby dirge.

I continued some more questy goodness through Everfrost.  I absolutely adore the fact that I can actually kill heroic named mobs without needing the entire cavalry.   I love that I can work on and complete quests at a pace which does not numb the mind.

I love a few of the tricks that dirges have up their sleeves to make questing that much more enjoyable.  Firstly – there is stealth – I love how you can get to where you need to go with minimum fuss.   I love the fact that tracking takes the guesswork and randomness out of finding the mobs you need for quest updates.  Last but not least I absolutely adore Evac as the most marvellous “get out of jail free” card every 15 mins.

Last night saw Katyya hit a milestone.  She dinged level 52 dirge. *cheers*   That done, it was time to return to the guildhall, empty some space in her inventory, and spoil the lizard girl with some shiny new gear.   A full set of Cobalt Melodic Chain armour and mastercrafted jewelery should see her well happy for her next 10 levels.   Add a pair of sharp and pointy cobalt weapons, and how she is looking just the part too.

Something that is quite obvious to me after the weekend is this – I really enjoy being self sufficient.   I like that I was able to make all Katyyas gear with my own crafter girls.  I like that I can achieve good measurable progress with this girl on my own.   I have my Killy girl who does not miss an opportunity to wreak havoc with her friends and guildmates in groups and raids, but this girl is really a blast to potter around solo in the various lands of Norrath.

What is next for this little girl?  Firstly, I will need to take stock of Katyyas spells and make her some upgrades to Ad3’s.  Level 52 saw her gain one of the dirges class defining spells – Percussion of stone (the dirge stoneskin buff).   In just another few levels she will gain probably THE spell that defines the dirge class – Cacophany of Blades.

As far as her progression goes, it will be finishing the quests in Everfrost, heading to Sinking Sands / PoF, Lavastorm and Lesser Faydark.   I have my eyes on a few HQ’s to finish – notably the flowing black silk sash and “by hook or by..”    I just hope someone can DEFINITELY confirm that I will be able to keep earning all that beautiful aa before I hit 70 even if I can not spend it.

Tonight we have plans to kill Leviathan for Mythical updates and the last of our guildmates to be flagged for VP.   I am going to seriously miss the boys, but Arisha and Danonia will be MIA this week due to internet issues.  Tonight I anticipate we will be capably led by Pax’ fearless Troll Guardian.

So more news tomorrow, and hope everyone else had a lovely weekend both in and outside of Norrath.   Happy hunting and crafting.