Still no sign of my nephew (hurry up little man!!)  so I was still able to log into game last night.

We headed to Kor’Sha to get Overking updates for a few folk who missed it last time.   I am not quite sure how it happened, but I ended up raid leader.    I pulled the raid together and we made sure that we had everyone who signed up.   We had a couple of spots spare, but these spots were soon filled as we zoned in and headed toward the first named.

I have said it before, and I will publically say it again – I dont know how Danonia does it week after week.   We had less than the ideal mix of characters, so working on group make up was a real challenge.  We had 4 wardens, one templar one defiler as our healer contingent in the raid.  We had a whole bunch of plate tanks, and very little caster dps.

So I set up the groups as best as we could and we headed on in.   I honestly dont know how Danonia manages to stay so calm and composed and in controll week after week.    So many things to consider and contend with – so many folk offering you advice, and some of that comes in a less than sensitive manner.   I did not loose my cool, but I know that some of the folk who know me well picked up on the fact that I was getting a little flustered.

Long story short though, we owned the zone.  Our Troll Guardian had never tanked the zone before, but he led us capably.   We took the Twins down first pull, even if at times it was a little messy.   An then it was on to the Overking – who we took down on the third pull.   *cheers for Pax*   Well done boys and girls, and congrats to those who got updates.

Thankfully Arisha and Danonia will be back as normal for raids next week.   Maybe they get flustered and frustrated sometimes too during raids … but they never let it show.    That is a skill that I dont have unfortunately :p   I challenge anyone to form and lead a raid and you will see that it is not an easy job at all, but very rewarding when the evening ends with success.

Happy hunting and crafting everyone!!