I always like a Wednesday night.  Last night was another lovely evening in Norrath. 

When I logged in some guildies were headed out to run some zones last night, but I wasnt sure what I felt like doing.

I soon settled on working HQ’s with the bardling.  At 52 I guess I can hardly call her a baby any more eh.   I was at the stage of killing the four “marks” for the Teachings of Yoru HQ – and decided to give that a go.

Now these marks are only 43 and 44^^^, but darn they hit like freight trains.   I managed to get down two of the marks solo after a couple of attempts each, but in the end I decided to log in Nanytank and box the last two updates.    Now I just need to kill Cythan back in the Feerrot, and the Flowing Black Silk Sash will be Katyyas shiny new plaything.

Killing the marks earned Katyya another aa… finishing the two HQs she is currently working will likely see her with another substantial reward of aa.   For some reason I am absolutely obsessed with getting this girl aa.  6 months into TSO and Killy has earned herself 35 aa … and I would not like to see Katyya hit TSO still needing 60aa.

The other HQ I am working for her is “By hook or by..”  I am now up to heading into the tower of the draftling.    I imagine stealth will make this a relatively easy update as long as I take care not to run into any mobs that see :p

Work has been busy, and by that I mean good busy not horrible and chaotic.  Combine that with a couple of busy nights in game, and the fact that I was missing the boys while they are having internet trouble – I found it hard to really get into anything.   After chatting with friends for a wee while,  I bid good night to Norrath and curled up for cuddles with the dogs.

Tonight I think I would like to finish both the HQ’s for Katyya,  of course getting Nanytank to help smash the bad guys.  Then if there is time, perhaps I might finish up some quests in Everfrost and head to Sinking Sands with the little dirge 🙂

Happy hunting and crafting 🙂