I was soooo excited last night when I logged in to find that the boys internet woes had passed.  Danonia and Arisha were back hooooray!!.

So what that meant was a lovely couple of instance runs, and a few laughs and giggles to boot.   We cleared Najenas Tower and Crucible with really nothing much to say – little event and no lewtz of note – but it was LOVELY to have at least most of the crew back together.

After we had finished, it was still early enough for me to get the last couple of updates I needed to finish both those HQ’s for Katyya.  The mobs went down easily enough to the Nanytank, and it was not too much of a challenge even for someone as clumsy as me to avoid the see invis/stealth mobs both times I had to go down into the Tower of the Draftling.

Finishing those two HQs netted the little bard about one and a half aa and about half a level of xp *cheers*

In much more important and exciting news, my nephew has decided that he will make his appearance into the world today.  My brother and his gorgeous partner headed off to the hospital just a few hours ago, and so there is much excitement as we await his safe arrival any time.  As you can imagine, I am probably not going to make it into game this weekend, but wishing everyone a safe and happy weekend both in and out of Norrath.

Happy hunting and crafting!!