Slow and easy. Friday, May 29 2009 

Last night was a lovely slow and quiet time in game with the boys.

We decided to head to the middle of the three Commonlands shard zones for something a little different.   Some of the guild had already headed off to Scion for the Daily Double, and there were not enough folk from guild to fill up the group …. so we decided that we would just 5 man the zone

The zone went at a good pace and uneventfully and I am pretty sure that no one died at all.   We were even lucky enough to have a couple of exquisite chests drop too.   Nothing that anyone in the group could use …. but some nice lewtz to sell on for the winners.

Really enjoy this zone … jousting in and out to the ghosts to be cured of the detrimental effects.    I must say I really dont like the fight with Gromkey much … the one who spawns adds you need to have dispelled.   But the second last named, the guy on horseback, that is cool 😀

Finishing this run and handing in the shard quest was enough to have Killy ding 178aa.    I know I know … I am a slow coach :p   In truth I am not in any huge rush for aa especially now I have my healer stance in the Shadows aa line.  However, I do want to make sure I hit 200aa some time before the next expansion

After the zone, we all milled about, my crafter girls helped make a few adornments for various people, and my tailor girl got herself a little xp edging closer to 80.   At which time I decided to bid good evening to Norrath nice and early.

It is now just over a week until the very exciting time when I  am able to get together for dinner and drinks with a bunch of my guildmates … in fact I must pop up the road and see if I can book our table today.   That will signal the start of 2 blissful weeks of vacation for this little dorf and I am counting down the days *giggles*   I dont think I will get a whole lot of game time in my vacation, and I am sure that when I return I shall well and truly be over my current lack lustre levels of enthusiasm lol

Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend both in and out of Norrath!


Checkin out the new toy Thursday, May 28 2009 

With all the excitement of our new toys, we were all eager last night to take them out for a spin and see what difference they made and what they could do.  Only natural!!

I was hooked up with the boys very soon after logging in, and we discussed what we wanted to do.  There are some pretties still from Codexicon and the final golem in Najenas Tower that are appealing.  It just so happened that Crucible was also the daily double so we grabbed a few more guildmates and headed off.

We giggled to ourself as we started to clear the first trash.  There was indeed a huge difference to the dps of the group.   I paid attention to my heal casting and tried to do a little more damage on the trash.    On trash I dont think my power dropped much below like 98% 😀

We cleared the zone comfortably got our four shards, but sadly no pretty fabled drop from Codexicon.

Once we had finished the zone I had a quick look what ACT said – and just about fell of my chair.   The codexicon fight saw Killy healing at 2500 heals per second and some change …. that is almost 25% higher than I had ever healed before.   I guess that is totally in line with the expected boost (20% to reactive heals).   It felt like a pretty tough fight to heal ….  but not panicked.   See what happens when you let your tanks and DPS wear items like the Jewel of Animosity and Bloodthirsty Choker :p

Najenas Tower was another pretty strait up and down zone … nothing much to mention, no pretty lewtz … but another two shards for our collections.  

Now one thing I will need to consider is incorporating the clicky from my myth into my repertoire.  My thaughts are pretty much to use it for when the tank is pulling named in instances, or as often as it is up in raids.

All in all we had a lovely relaxed night with plenty of fun and giggles all round.  We all decided to bid goodnight to Norrath nice and early after the exitement of the last few nights.  

Happy hunting and crafting!!!

How sweet it is. Tuesday, May 26 2009 

Well,  I can hardly believe the day has come!!  My little girl has her very own very shiny, very pretty, very smacky brand new hammer!!

As we formed raid and zoned in last night, we knew the main enemy we were fighting once again was time, since our instance was due to reset in less than 24 hours.   We stood facing the update for our Brigand (Milyex) and knew that the following three named were going to give us possibly 10 Mythicals for the raid force.

I think Arisha was concerned that Milyex was going to take us some time and we would be stuck there.  Topo, our only Brigand,  had very generously expressed that he had no problem skipping him for now for the benefit of the entire raid. 

The decision made, we moved on to Xygoz for our two dirges and swashy.  He looked so cute sleeping peacefully there :p   I loved this encounter … Finding the little dollys of ourselves, and then fighting miniatures of all the dragons.  We had a little trouble first pull with everyone getting their little dolls, but we regrouped and second pull the big boy was put to sleep permanently.

Then on to the encounter to spawn Ashenclaw.   We headed across the bridge and just inside the corridor.   Killed the bees, killed the Cinder Wasp Queen and then POOF comes Ashenclaw!!!   While it certainly was NOT the prettiest of encounters, Ashenclaw was sent to the great dragon lair in the sky quick smart!.

And now was D Day … time to speak to Hoshkar.   On to the little island we all piled, and we prepared for battle.   Arisha engaged Hoshkar, ran around the outside of the island while we all moved to try and keep range to hit Hoshkar and heal the brave dark elf Palladin.    Less than 8 minutes later Arisha Kilanna and another Templar companion had our updates.

The time was still not too late, so we raced back to Milyex with the hopes of getting Topo his update.   Arisha engaged the dragon and the engineer soon lay dead at her feet.  The MT group slowly ate at the Dragons health while the rest of the raid smashed the generators.   We got him to 6% and a fourth generator took us by surprise.  Wingbeat AoE hit and that was all she wrote for that encounter.   We regrouped and with no surprises, Topo soon had his final Mythical update too!!!

At that point, we all went our different directions to speak to our respective NPC’s.   The atmosphere in chat was just amazing as we all celebrated the successes of our guildmates and friends as they were awarded their mythicals.  How sweet the success after the months of work we have put in as a group to get here!

For sure there was other lewtz last night … but what an experience with over half of our raidforce earning Mythicals in the last two nights.   I was thrilled that Topo got himself a pattern for his set piece forearms – I put that down to Karma after his willingness to possibly miss out on his Myth update for the good of the raid.

With the number of mythicals we now have, I trust that the next two weeks will see us completely clear the zone.  The Druushk and Nexona encounters will likely go that much more smoothly and give us time to play with Silverwing and Phara Dar for our Guardian and Rangers.

With all that … I shall away to quitely celebrate with a nice cup of Coffee 😀

Happy hunting and crafting everyone!

Norrath is still for a moment…. Tuesday, May 26 2009 

Nothing much more to say….




Along with 7 of my guildmates and 3 other companions.

I need to go to bed :p  but more details soon!

VP Mark 2… Continued Monday, May 25 2009 

Well … lots of exciting things going on both in and out of game recently.

Out of game, obviously the new little man is a huge focus in my familys little world and he is just GORGEOUS!!   I have booked myself some vacation starting at the end of next week, so work has been incredibly busy making sure I can get all my month end reporting finished before I head off.

In game, I have also been having a lot of fun even if I have been a little tired :p  

Over the weekend, I took advantage of the bonus xp for little Katyya, and got her some more aa and xp.   I have done as much of the solo questing as I think I can in Lesser Faydark, and grouped up with guild leader to start some of the heroic quests from the Nybright Camp.    I am not sure that there might still be some quests around the Fae Court. 

I then took little Katyya into Loping Plains and found myself reminiscing.    When I joined Pax, one of the first things I did with Killy was to get her Warg mount questline done.   I remember that being a right PITA with Killy, but absolutely no problem at all on the dirgeling.  She does look rather cool on her mount even if her bard run speed means she doesnt need it.     But remember – fashion is everything!

Last night then saw us return to VP.  Last week we were stuck at Nexona, so last night we went in fresh and determined to take her down.   Second pull saw her defeated even if it was a marathon 40 minute and 27 second fight!  

Onward then we moved to the switchmaster.   We had pulled him once two weeks ago, and were flattened by his AoE.   Armed with some knowledge of what to expect, we gathered at a little alcove to the North of his island,  engaged the encounter and we were off.   We patiently burned him down, jousted his AoE, smooshed the little adds and had him down first pull.   I was so excited, since now my favourite Coercer has his shiny new toy to play with.  Congrats on your Mythical Danonia!!!

Tonight we head back with hopes to see more of my guildmates with their Mythicals.  First comes the Brig update (crossing my fingers for Topo) I know that much.  I am not sure of the order but I understand that the Dirge and Swashy updates are not far behind, followed by Wardens. 

I live in hope that we might get to Hoshkar for both Killy and Arisha, but if we dont get that done tonight, it wont be far away.  I have waited this long, another week or two wont hurt.   If we can get to Hoshkar, that will mean that the whole MT group will have Mythicals.  

Maybe I am strange and I know it is a cliche, but I feel it is not about whether you win or loose the fat lewtz (but that is a nice bonus), rather it is about how you play the game.  I will be so proud to wear my Mythical knowing that my companions and I have persevered and earned our shiny pretty things.

Cross your fingers that Norrath may stop for a moment tonight to celebrate for a good number of my companions and maybe even my own little dorf 🙂

Happy hunting and crafting!

VP – Mark 2 Tuesday, May 19 2009 

As always a fantastically fun evening in game.

We headed to our second instance of VP, and one of our regular raiders showed us a way to sneak past the first trash mobs on our way to the first named.  

The first named dragon did cause us a bunch of trouble between his knockback and crushing damage AoE (wingbeat)   Not so bad if you joust it – but a pain in the ass for healers keeping range.  Arisha died first time cos of the issues with him being knocked back out of our range.    Second pull we got him, even if not in the tidyest fashion.

We then cleared trash and headed on to Druushk.  Once again it took us a couple of pulls but we got him down.   A quick foray down to kill Elder Eckron and his rascally adds – and that was enough for the evening.

Veeshans Peak really is a totally EPIC zone.  Everything is huge.  The distances everywhere are huge – I guess what more can you expect when you enter a lair big enough for Dragons :p

Last week we cleared both Nexona and Druushk on our first instance of VP.   The only thing that prevented us form clearing the zone was time.   In order to give us enough time to work strategies and clear the zone, we have decided to add an extra night to our raids in the short term.   I think this is a great idea to get the guild all mythed up – and then we will be able to clear the zone within our regular raid schedule.

Tonight, hopefully we will clear tsome trash, smoosh Nexona and head over to take out the Switchmaster.  That would see my favourite coercer with his Myth!!!!    Hoshkar is still a ways away for my little girl, but I reckon she will have her new shiny smacky hammer next week.

In other news, the little dirge has still been running around a little in Lesser Faydark doing some of the quest there.  The faydark zones are quite cutesy, I dont mind that, but I find all the mountains and cliffs and ledges somewhat annoying at times for navigating the geography :p

Enough news for now – Happy hunting and crafing everyone!

I think I need a holiday Monday, May 18 2009 

After reading Castillions post today, it has prompted me to respond in my own post rather than comment on his blog since I releate to it quite well this morning.   Last night I was in game but just found myself feeling very bleh.    There was no good reason at all why I should have been feeling bleh – life is full of good and positive and exciting things for me at the moment.

I have been blessed or spoilt (depending on how you look at it) with a fantastic group of guildmates and lovely gaming friends that I spend a lot of time with.   Lately, it feels like we dont often get our “A-team” together and hit challenging content.   I was reflecting on it as I travelled in on the train this morning.   I think this is for a number of reasons.

Firstly, we have been doing a lot of work raiding.  We have achieved wonderful progress over the last few months.   It has been a lot of work especially for Danonia and Arisha as our Raid Leader and Main Tank.   Outside of raids then, I guess we have been looking for time to relax a little and enjoy our selves too lest the game becomes like a second job.

For me personally, it has also been almost 14 months since I had a vacation.  While that is not a long time for some people, I am starting to feel the need for a recharge of the batteries.   It also occurs to me that while I am absolutely loving my game time and would change nothing about it, it wouldn’t hurt me to have a few nights off.

I have been finding it hard this last few weeks to find my usual enthusiasm.  I feel like I have kind of been floating along rather than steadily working towards a goal.   There are many many things that I could be working towards but just cant seem to get into anything in particular.

My solution – I think I need a vacation.  A vacation from work, go away somewhere nice for a few days with no PC – Just good food, good wine, fresh air, blue skies and good company.

Back to things game related :p   Between spending time with the family and new little man, I did enjoy some fun time in EQ this weekend.

Guild leader was starting one of his toons on the Vampire Chronicles questline, and asked me if I would like to bring Killy along for some aa.  I was quite glad to see a whole new part of the game I had not seen yet, so Killy mentored his Brigand.  

The quest line was a lot of fun – to seek out information on the nasty undead, kill them, help the NPC to research them, and eventually have the ability to transform into a vampire.  We took our time, and with some of the quests and many named mobs still green, Killy netted herself amost a full aa point.  I also think she looks pretty cool as a vampire 😀

As well as that, I got up to a little more questing on the Dirgeling in Lesser Faydark to make the most of the bonus xp this weekend.  The end of the weekend saw her ding 63 dirge.   Go my little girl!!

Tonight will see the guild heading to our second instance of VP.   It would be nice to get Nexona and maybe even Druushk down tonight so we have time to work on the remaining named to get the guild their Mythicals over the next couple of weeks.   Fun times!

Happy hunting and crafting all 🙂

I really have been a slacker Friday, May 15 2009 

Last night saw a return to the regularly scheduled fun of a running some TSO zones for shards.  Killy has just over 110 shards in her bank so it is hardly as if she needs them, but it is fun to take some guildies for a quick run to supplement their supply.

We ran Deep Forge and Crucible … some of the boys are still  hoping for various fabled drops from both of these zones … no joy last night, but a barrel of laughs none the less.

We spent some time talking about our various aa specs … and it was realised that my Killy girl could respec, and take some aa from both her Cleric and Templar Trees now to spec her end line Shadows .  WEEEEEEEE   After playing around a wee bitty, my girl still has all her end line abilities from the Cleric and Templar trees, but now also has her Shadows line healer stance  *cheers*

Arisha and I were just hanging about chatting a wee bit too after all the other boys had logged for the evening.   I have said it before, but I am in awe at his mind for detail, and his ability to get the most out of whatever class it is that he plays.

I was somewhat embarrased when he pointed out to me that none of my gear has adornments …. how completely lazy I have been!!!  At the very least, I should get a legendary adornment for my beautiful gloves of uber healage (Ethereal Mist Gauntlets)

As I was contemplating this, I realised that I could probably see a significant benefit to Killy if I took just a little time and effort.   Truly,  we are now 6 months past expansion, and I have barely touched any of the quests.  I am still short 25aa to cap.  I have really cruised along and not focused at all on what I have been doing to pimp her – I really have been a total slacker.

This weekend though, I have made a pact with myself.  I am going to clear out all of the Tier7 junk still in Killys house vault, make some space in her bank and bags.   I am going to make sure she has a good supply of all the necessary totems, tokens, potions, elixirs and remedies.   I am going to look at what items I should have adorned, and I am going to focus on pimping my girl a little.  I am going to try and get enthusiastic about trying to get her some aa too – but that I can not promise :p

I am sure that there will be some Dirge loving too .. with bonus xp this weekend in Lesser Fay and Loping Plains that she can take advantage of.

Hope everyone else has a great weekend in Norrath too 😀  Happy hunting and crafting!

You know it has been a big day when… Thursday, May 14 2009 

 … I didnt even feel like doing anything with the boys last night.

And yes you heard me right!!  

I was pretty tired after a hectic few days at work and in game,  but I logged in and said hiya.  The boys seemed pretty tired too and Arisha didnt seem too fussed about getting up to anything much.

I did say hey to folks and catch up a little, but didnt even really feel like doing anything on the dirgeling either.

I ended up chatting for a short while with one of my guildmates.  I was talking to them about the value of our game friendships, and the valuable place that the game has as a vehicle for relaxation and fun.   It was nice to be reminded once again that behind every pixelated character is a real person, each with their own struggles and dreams in life, each with their own story.   It is nice to have your faith in the good in people renewed from time to time. 

After a short while,  I bid goodnight to the boys and girls of Pax and headed off and played around making a new baby girl … why you ask?… because I could 😀   Didnt have to think about anything or concentrate on anything much.  

I wanted to make up a little Ratonga for some weird reason.   And I am completely loving the scouty DPS of the dirge and the “secret” briggand… so I made myself a lil Rat Assassin. 

I played around on her for a wee while … got up to some questy goodness and got her to almost a level 10 assassin in no time before I decided to head out of Norrath for the night.

I wonder if anyone else has had the same issue … but I have been having problems with my EQ2 maps not showing blinking icons for quest givers/hand ins.  I have updated my updater to the new version … but for some reason my little blinking icons are missing and that is no good for a questaholic :p

I checked forums and asked in channel.  some other ppl seemed to be having the same issue but had not been able to work a fix either.  Has anyone else had the same problem and been able to work a fix??

Our new little man Wednesday, May 13 2009 




No explanation really required – Totally perfect in his Aunty Killy’s eyes.

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