It may not be exciting to a lot of people now, but last night was a great night for Pax.   It was our first trip into VP and I think we did FANTASTICALLY.

We were fortunate that a couple of our regular raiders have spent a lot of time in VP already.   Small hints for Arisha as we worked our way were incredibly helpful for him I think.   

Obviously, since it was our first time there, I was concentrating very much on Arishas health bar…. I was listening, and know that there are a couple of paths that you can take to clear the zone – I think we only killed one named before we faced Nexona.

To cut a long story short, we pulled her maybe 10 times or so … and IMHO we put in some good work.   One pull in particular was going really well, and then she spawned the drakes – which we were expecting.    The plan was that the Drakes were to be mezzed while we continued to burn her.   This scenario didnt quite work to plan when my favourite Coercer went smoosh … but that is OK.

By that time it was late and we were all getting tired I think.   We are planning to pretty much solidly work on VP in the short term.   Other than the mythical updates, there is still a lot of good gear for our group.

We have certainly got the strat for Nexona working well up to that 40% point where she spawns the drakes.     Now that we have seen that for ourselves and how it happens, I think tonight we will be able to better control the encounter when that happens.

The optomist in me thinks that with some more good work tonight we will see her fall.  It feels very much like the first night we conquered the twins in Kor’Sha or the Sisters in SoH  or VS – She feels like she is within our capabilities as long as we continue to work together as a team.  

If we see Nexona fall tonight, or even next week, it will be incredibly satisfying and so exciting to see our first guild mythicals.    Killy is certainly not going to be among the first to get hers, but patience is a virtue so they say!!!

In other exciting and more important news, my nephew has arrived safe and well.  My brother, his lovely girlfriend and baby all doing well.  Welcome to the world little man!!

While I spent an awful lot of time with the family and visiting our new little man, I did still manage a little bit of time in game on the bardling.  After finishing off some quests in Everfrost she has now headed into the sinking sands.   With some kind help from guildmates we finished her carpet quest.

It is amazing how much fun I am having leveling this girl.  I am struggling to stop her from progressing too fast and missing out on entire zones of content.  She has had MC gear since Level 42… I have boxed her to complete a couple of HQ’s, she has grouped maybe 4 times – the rest of her progression has been solo and a heck of a lot of fun.    This weekend saw her ding 70 almost 71aa and she is now a level 56 Dirge!!

Hope everyone else had a weekend of fun both in Norrath and outside!!  Happy hunting and crafting.